Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mummy Bloggers...Making Money and some tips for PR's

I was on twitter the other day and I saw this tweet:

Are there any groups in Britain today that are more universally respected, feared and admired than...mummy bloggers? #prcadigital

I of course think there are many other groups but the question shows how much focus 'mummy bloggers' have at the moment and how infuential they are.  I read a great article over on Mashable about the misconceptions of mummy bloggers, well worth a read.

Every week my inbox is full with emails from PR companies asking me to review products, publish press releases on my blog and attend events. Some I accept, some I ignore and some I reply to with advice or questions and some are still sitting there. I am very selective in what I accept as I simply haven't got the time to do everything, this blog is for fun and if it helps other parents then even better, regardless of the fact that it does actually make money too. If it didn't I would still write here.

On that note though, a lot of bloggers are making money now by offering professional services such as writing sponsored blog posts and content for companies.

I for one have diversified my marketing role at our IT company and set up 'Hype Media' (website coming soon, keep an eye on my blog for information) as I have been approached by several big brands (via Mummys Shoes) to set out a social media strategy for them, look after their social media channels and think up campaigns.

So for any PRs reading this here are some tips for approaching 'mummy bloggers':

1) Read the blog - There is nothing 'we' dislike more than being approached with a blanket email. For example I have had emails saying 'those mornings of the school run are approaching'...well no actually I have an 18 month old.

2) Don't expect something for nothing. Receiving a press release and then saying 'please post this on your blog' will simply be taken as being rude by most people, especially if it is quite irrelant to the blog content. More and more companies are paying money to bloggers to post articles or content on their blogs and realising that this is the new media!

3) Be personal. Read the blog and get a personal detail from it and mention it in your email/communications. For example one PR knew that I ate lots of pink waffer biscuits throughout my pregnancy. That made them stand out and I was warmed to them instantly.

4) Relevance - A 'Mummy Blog' as we know doesn't mean only writing about children, it entails subjects from blanacing work, parenting and social life, the spectrum is broad...but consider what you are pitching. For example I was pitched a computer game not long ago which was about fighting? Would I really be interested in this and do you really think my readers would be?

5) Events - Think about the time and dates of any events you hold. Most of the bloggers will have babies or children at school so it could be problematic for them and be prepared to cover travel expenses too.

6) Be honest. I once asked a PR company how many other bloggers they had approached with a competition and they told me it was exclusive to me.  A week later I realise that every mummy blogger I know is running the same thing. This left me disliking and distrusting this PR company and I still remember their name today.

7) Be friendly - You will be remembered. I have a favourite PR company who I remember and in turn I remember the products they promote too and I recommend them to everyone. They go out of their way, are friendly, personal and the amazing freebies and day trips don't go amiss either. Even when they don't need my help they email or call to say hi and offer to meet for lunch etc. In return I always try to go out of my way for them too.

8) Get in on the community - The mummy blogger community is massive and some spend a lot of their time on twitter.  Most mummy blogs will detail their twitter ID on their blog so follow them and get chatting
Finally remember there are real people behind these blogs and so being personal and friendly will get you far.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I'm trying to help bloggers myself, because luckily I've only had two slightly negative experiences of working with Prs. But an increasing amount of bloggers are asking how they should react to behaviour, and PRs are asking what they can do to change the perception of them held by some bloggers. I set up Blogger For Hire, purely because so many times I have seen bloggers talking about a campaign they have both worked on, but then find out one got paid £30 and the other got paid double that, for the same post! Its not fair and it certainly doesn't help inter blogger relations either! I hope I can gain a list of both bloggers and companies, and act as the go between the two groups to set up fairly paid for Sponsored posts and advertising fees.

  2. Good post.... us PR's are lovely really... well most of us are anyway!

    Very good advice though.

    It's staggering how quick the rise of the 'mummy blogger' has been and I think many journalists are quite scared by 'them'. It's an exciting time indeed, John Crane Ltd for one loves working with the Mummy Bloggers, as the majority are completly our target audience and buying group.

  3. Unfortunately if you are good at blogging it doesn't mean that you'll be able to earn something from it, you should do many things before starting monetize your blog.