Saturday, 20 November 2010

London School of Coffee

On Friday hubby and I set off for The London School of Coffee for a morning of Barista Training thanks to the lovely Make Mine Milk team.

We were greeted by a wonderful breakfast and lots of lovely people including the wonderful Sinead and George from Make Mine Milk and fellow bloggers Mummys Busy World,  Metropolitan Mum, Babes About Town, Family Affairs and Other Matters and The Coffee Lady.

We started off with a short introduction to coffee by our trainer for the day, Daisy Rolo, who was so lovely.  We got to do some 'cupping' which is a coffee tasting technique and allows you to determine taste, flavor, fragrance, and aroma. You have to SLURP (technical term!?!) the coffee really fast through your teeth so it sprays to the back of your mouth, it was highly amusing. 

After the cupping we were shown how to make the perfect Cappuccino and Latte and it wasn't as easy as it looked. Here are two of our videos, don't laugh they were our first attempts and we vastly improved by the end of the session, honest!

Visit our YouTube Channel here

Visit our YouTube Channel here

Things we learnt:

•Coffee botany, Arabica and Robusta beans, processing and preparation

•Roasting coffee, freshness, storage and life-span

•Correct procedures of using grinders and espresso machines

•How to set the grinder, dose and pull a shot of espresso

•Troubleshooting, how to spot bad coffee by appearance, smell and taste

•Milk steaming, how to make micro-foam - the silky, shiny milk that tastes wonderful

It was such a fun day and I highly recommend it to anyone, they offer lots of courses and you can even hire the place for team days and events, which we are already planning on doing!

We also learnt a lot about Milk at the end of the session and I will write a seperate post on this very soon as I took away some really useful information and I had some real misconceptions about it too. All the milk talk really left me wanting a big glass of ice cold milk so that is exactly what I asked for on the train home that evening, while hubby was STILL on the coffee!


  1. I love coffee, I grind the beans myself for a really great cup. This kind of day out would be something from my dreams:) Jen

  2. Your husband was STILL on the coffee on the train home? I admire his commitment!

  3. It was fun wasn't it? I'm still not a coffee kind of gal but the hubby definitely appreciated the goody bag. Nice to see you again too.

  4. It really was a great morning.

    Jen - I highly recommend it!

    Sinead - He is MAD, I told you he is a coffee fanatic!

    Babes about Town - Great seeing you again too x