Sunday, 14 November 2010

Review: The Dream Town Range

With Christmas on the way I had to tell you about this gorgeous range of toys and playhouses.

Baby Belle has the Puppy Lane Cottage, the Garden with Nutmeg the Bunny and the Dream Town Kitchen with Pip the Mouse. The Dream Town range are so cute and they do so many wonderful things for girls and boys.

1) This is the Dream Town Puppy Lane Cottage with Candyfloss the Puppy . This 'lives' at Grams house and every Friday Baby Belle spends ages playing in it.  I personally really like the look of it, a lot of the time girls playhouses are very 'pink' and not the sort of thing you would want on display all the time but this is very nicely done.

It is lightweight and easy to put together and BB loves the stable design door and the letter box the most at the moment as she is going through a bit of a 'postman' phase :-)

The fact it comes with a puppy and his own little kennel, collar, tag, lead, brush, bowl and biscuit was also a bonus as BB loves dogs!

2) Dream Town Kitchen with Pip the Mouse This set we keep in BB's playroom at home as she loves it so much.  She is a bit too small for a big kitchen set yet and so this really was perfect for her.  It is great value for money and is actually made out of cardboard, which you wouldn't know to look at it.

The oven doors open as does the washing machine and there is a little hole in the side where the mouse lives.  At first this was BB's favourite part but now she loves making dinner for us with her pots and pans and pretend food.

She will spend ages pretend playing with this and is definitely the best buy of the lot!

3) Dream Town Garden and Nutmeg the Bunny

BB has had hours of fun with this set. It includes Nutmeg the bunny, a fabric garden with fence panels, pick-your-own lettuce and daisies, watering can, trowel, flower pot with a flower in and a carrot for Nutmeg

It is really lovely and it folds up quite small which is great for storage too. BB's favourite game is to pretend the bunny is eating all the flowers and then tells it off and gives the bunny the carrot instead!
I really do recommend this range, they are really nicely made and the colours and details are lovely too.

You can visit the Dream Town Club – – for games, downloads and competitions.


  1. How cute are those! Great Christmas gifts!

  2. We've bought toddler girl the shop for xmas, she's going to love it