Thursday, 25 November 2010

Royal Mail Winnie the Pooh Special Issue Stamps

I remember as a child mum would always get us the special issue stamps from Royal Mail, in their lovely presentation pack. I still have them today.

So when I was sent the Winnie the Pooh special issue pack a pang of nostalgia rushed through me. It has been years since I have collected them and the presentation is still the same. It is most definitely something I will collect for BB now too.

The Winnie-the-Pooh stamp collection celebrates the enduring popularity and love of the honey loving bear, famously created by A.A. Milne for his son, Christopher Robin.  Royal Mail has issued a total of 10 stamps using the E.H. Shepard book illustrations from the original Pooh stories and they are just adorable, don't you think!

You can buy them online on the Royal Mail website here or pop into your local Post Office and buy them over the counter.
We have also been lucky enough to get the Wallace and Gromit Christmas Special Issue stamps too, which I will write about tomorrow...they are brilliant!

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