Friday, 26 November 2010

Selfridges; Santa's Grotto and Wallis and Gromit

We were lucky enough to be invited to a fantastic PR event at Selfridges on Sunday to visit the Santa Express and see Royal Mail’s limited edition Wallace and Gromit stamps.

We decided we would take the train as BB has never been on one and also decided to do the Tube with her too.  She didn't like the train at first, even though she had been shouting "toot toot" all morning. But after a couple minutes she was fine and it was a very pleasant journey.  She was also amazing on the London Underground too.

We arrived at Selfridges a little early and so BB and I stood in the entrance waiting for the doors to open whilst hubby ran across the road to Starbucks to grab me a Chai Latte.  Whilst he was gone crowds began to build and before we knew it BB was surrounded by 'fans'. I call them fans because there were about 15 people around her taking pictures! 

It was very bizarre, I'm not sure who they thought we were! One lady was over on holiday from Dubai and she was snapping away with her iphone camera, whilst BB was hiding behind her hands. Then there were a group of 6 girls also here on holiday from Japan and they were circled around BB doing the same.  Hubby came back with my chai and wondered what was going on! One lady came over and put the hood of her Pushchair up and said 'there that's better' with a smile.
The window displays use the theme of 'play'

I digress, so after a rather funny half an hour the doors opened and we went to Frankie's Restaurant on the lower floor for a late breakfast put on for us writers, journalists etc. Then the lovely Melanie came over and told us we could go to the Santa Express whenever we were ready. 

Getting ready for Breakfast

The Santa Express train itself was nice and simple, we sat on a carriage and it took us around a room with lots of things to see, finally stopping at some wooden cabins where some elves greeted us and told BB she could go inside to see Father Christmas.
We went inside and there was the old man sitting in a big red chair.  He said hello to BB and she looked curiously at him as he spoke. We then sat next to him and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas etc, she was getting a bit shy so he mentioned that they both had black boots on and she seemed to like that! :-) He gave her a book, we had a picture done and we were on our way. It was nicely done and I would definitely recommend a visit.

My favourite window display...Sylvanian Families trailer park!

The original print is much better quality!

After BB had seen santa we headed over to the Wallis and Gromit area, which features loads of Wallace and Gromit fun.  Royal Mail have just launched their new Christmas stamps which this year feature the loveable pair! 

There are five stamps showing Wallace and Gromit singing carols, posting their Christmas cards, decorating the tree, opening Christmas presents and carrying a Christmas pud. You can buy the stamps in Selfridges, on the Royal Mail website or from your local Post Office

In the same area Selfridges also have a special photo booth where you can take a picture with your family, and have them printed on special stamps, called Smilers.  They are great for adding a personal touch to Christmas cards etc. 

Royal Mail have also launched the site where you can create yourself in a Wallace and Gromit-style character and share them via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And they have a fab competition on there too.

We had a really lovely family day out and loved being surrounded by all the Christmas decorations! 

BB was an angel and slept all the way home!

Result = a very worn out BB

Thank you to Royal Mail and Selfridges for such a great day!

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