Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Taking a toddler to the Theatre: BB's first trip

On Saturday me, hubby, grams and papa took BB to her first live show.

It was none other than 'Show me Show me' with Chris and Pui (did you know they even have a fan site!) Crazy.

Anyway I was Umming and Ahhing a few days before the show, at only 19 months I thought perhaps BB was a bit young for a 1.5hr show and she might be a bit overwhelmed with a theatre of 500 people, not to mention being on the front row with these 'people from inside our telly' in her face.

We all decided we would give it a go, we had the tickets afterall.

I packed a bag with snacks and her favourite toys, with the view to keeping her quiet and content and Grams (who is well practised in keeping children amused on long haul flights, namely me and my 3 brothers) had also brought along some of BB's favourite snacks and some lovely stickers etc.

When hubby and I arrived at the venue BB wasn't phased in the slightest by all the people, she ran up to Grams and Papa with cuddles.  It was noticeable that she was the youngest there so I still felt a tiny bit anxious but I knew that if she was scared we could always just leave and all go for a bite to eat.

Well goodness me, was I wrong? She loved it! She sat on her own chair for a lot of the time and now and then climbed onto one of our laps. Not once did we hear a moan or cry and she wasn't scared at all, even though we were practically on the stage, with how close our seats were. Chris and Pui 'spoke' to her a few times as she had brought along her favourite toy which resembles one of the characters 'miss mouse'.

BB at half time waiting for the curtains to open again

Highlights of the show for BB (judging by her reaction) were the characters incy wincy, twinkle star and the hey diddle diddle cow. I had heard mixed reviews about the show before going but I honestly thought it was very good. The stage/set could have been improved and they could have started the show with the normal counting rhyme they use on the tv show but aside from that it was funny and very entertaining for the children and adults alike!

The highlight of the show for me however was hubby being picked out of the crowd (well OK I did nominate him) and serenaded by Chris and Pui with 'You Are My Sunshine'...he had to stand up and bow to the whole theatre...I was crying with laughter, especially because he is not the sort of person to put himself forward for anything like that!

It was a really lovely day and we were so proud of our little baby belle. We all came out smiling and I'm sorry to say (as it makes for a boring story) it was a VERY happy ending :-)


  1. I wish my children ove theatre and I do. They get quite scared by puppets and people dressed up. I look forward to the day when they understand it all. Glad you had a fab time.

  2. aww glad she loved it!!

  3. We went to see Show me Show me. We all loved it! Even Miss C who must have been about 3 months old at the time, she wouldn't have her milk because she was too busy being fascinated with the singing and lights!

  4. We went to see the Cbeebies Christmas show when Squidge was about BB's age. I had tears in my eyes while watching her watching the show. It's the best thing eveh- innit!! Oh and YAY can now comment on your blog while using Firefox!!