Monday, 15 November 2010

A warm feeling for a cold Monday: John Lewis Christmas 2010

John Lewis Christmas adverts always do it don't they?

I instantly go back to my childhood and that warm cosy excitement of Christmas eve. I can't wait to see Baby Belle's face this year, she already loves the lights and decorations and her favourite book at the moment is 'the night before Christmas' by Tony Mitton.


  1. Hi
    I have to disagree. This advert doesn't make me feel warm and cosy.

    It started well and was indeed making me feel very nostalgic until the final shot of the beautiful Deerhound dog left outside in an old-fashioned open wooden kennel (does anyone still leave dogs outside in those apart from in Wallace and Grommit animations?) in an obviously freezing cold garden.

    The Christmas lights pinned up around his kennel make it look even sadder and the little boy pinning up a stocking for him before rushing back to the warm, brightly-lit house leaving him behind just spoiled the whole advert for me.

  2. I love dogs but to be honest I didn't think anything of that at the end...I think some people are taking it a bit too seriously.