Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Win a year's salary with PayPal

The great people at PayPal have just told me about this amazing prize.  Every week from 20 October until 5 December 2010, Paypal are giving away £40,000 to a lucky PayPal customer.  So that begs the question...what would you spend £40,000 on?

Here at Mummy's Shoes we really want to move house in the next year so I think I would put it towards that. I love our house and we are actually having the garden done this Friday with a new stone patio etc for BB to play on BUT I would really love an old fashioned house that we could work on, with a BIG kitchen and an Aga. So some of the money would go towards that.

We are also having our wedding reception next summer and although I only want a small affair and I am 100% happy with the venue some of the money could go on our holiday. The rest, if there was any left would go on my custom Range Rover which hubby has promised me at 'some point', isn't that right honey?

 All anyone has to do is buy something with PayPal, and they are automatically entered into the weekly prize draw.  And the more you buy the more chances you get, because you get entered every single time you buy with PayPal.  Find out more

The following stores all accept PayPal as a payment method so with Christmas approaching you could, for example, buy:

A new Sat Nav from Halfords
This gorgeous Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel from Woolworths I had one just like this when I was little, in fact was it this exact one mum?
This Little People Farm from Toys R Us - BB has this and loves it
Or why not buy a gift card for someone for Christmas from Nike
A Nintendo DSi from Dell

Of course the things you buy do not HAVE to be expensive, you could buy something for £1.99 and still be in with the same chance of winning. Enter now for your chance to win

Click here to read more
You can read more about the terms and condition here
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