Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fisher Price : Little People

I can safely say Fisher Price 'Little People' have always been BBs favourite toys!

From 8 months old she has had a character for her favourite people 'Mama, Daddy, Grams, PaPa and the Uncles' and they have been everywhere with her.

They have been swimming

Those little people again, out shopping
(notice hubby in the background piling in the olives mmm)

Here's BB pointing to PaPa (Grandpa)

When it comes to Little People she has been rather spoilt. She has Noah's Ark, Happy Sounds Home, Animal Farm, Pink School Bus, the SUV vehicle, the Dump Truck, the wedding set and the Fairy Treehouse. But her favourite is definitely the Happy Sounds Home. I could watch her for ages playing with these, she is at the age where she makes up little stories now and I see a big cuddly bear suddenly landing on the house, it is so cute!

BB taking a break from a tiring game of Little People

Noah's Ark is also a firm favourite and Mr and Mrs Noah are frequently locked in the lower deck whilst the animals take over top deck (I do worry about her imagination at times) 

We also have some of the dvd's which are great and the messages in them are so nice, all about sharing, helping and being good. They also concentrate on learning numbers and letters so you don't feel bad about your little one watching the telly now and then.

Fisher Price also do Little People music CD's, we have this one and it is fantastic.  We keep it in the car and it keeps BB very happy, her favourite tracks are 'apples and bananas' and 'BINGO'...you really should try them out if you are going on a long journey.
Thanks to BB's love of Little People the wonderful people at Fisher Price have also given her the Racing Ramps Garage which I will be keeping to give her for Christmas, and I will let you know what she thinks of it. I have also managed to get hold of the Circus for her, which seems to be like gold dust so I cannot wait to see her face!

Checking on the Farm Animals

For anyone interested in the Little People range they have a fantastic website www.worldoflittlepeople.co.uk and you can see product demo's and information there.

This isn't a sponsored post BB really DOES simply love the Little People :-)


  1. ahhh bless!!

    they are brilliant quality toys arnt they!!

    I have bought my nephew the ark for christmas!! hope he loves it xox

  2. Aww she's so cute!

    I too love the Little People. Although I have yet to buy any for my daughter - I know, shock horroe

    *runs off to ELC to get some*

    or rather...

    *opens a new tab and goes to the ELC website*


  3. Steph - I am sure he will LOVE it..BB does, she has had it for months now and still plays with it all the time.

    Hanzor - I would definitely advise ordering online at this time of year :-) Shops are toooo busy!

  4. All together now: 'Little people, they've got so much planned...'

  5. haha Domestic Goddesque I really don't need that sticking in my head again! I think I fall asleep with the tune going around in my head...far too catchy!