Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Resolutions

Everyone has them and very few seem to keep to them but perhaps by writing them down I will stick to them this year!

It is going to be a VERY busy 2011!  We have a romantic trip to Paris next month (thanks to hubby), a family holiday (BB's 1st time on a plane), we have a wedding reception to plan which needs a list to itself and of course it is BB's 2nd Birthday. We also have big plans for the business so exciting times ahead but we will have to be very organised!

1) Be Organised - I love to plan, in fact as anyone who knows me will tell you I have to have something to plan for, I feel lost otherwise..I love writing lists but I do still tend to leave things to the last minute. So in 2011 I will endeavour to be super duper organised and more of a finisher then a planner.

2) Do a Marathon - I know it is not very original but I really want to get fit again, I miss running miles and miles.  I am going to sign up to do a marathon and that way I will be forced to train hard.

3) Crafty - I am very creative, I love sewing and cooking and making things but this year I haven't really put the time aside to do it. BB and I have made biscuits and painted etc but I would like to do more...So in 2011 I will make sure me and BB do far more cooking and crafting together. Stepford Wives here I come!

4) Language - I have been learning Farsi (the Persian language) bit by bit for a few years now but never really sat down to consciously learn, which means I understand a lot and can speak the basics but I am nowhere near fluent. So in 2011 I will make more effort to learn and also brush up on my French again too.

5) The House - I love our house and we have amazing neighbours but I really feel it is time for a move, we have been here 5/6 years now and we both have itchy feet for a new 'project' house. So 2011 will see me making sure all the little imperfections are ironed out in this house so we can be ready to sell at any given time.

6) Frugal Living & Charity - We are very fortunate to be able to live to the standard we do and both hubby and I bring back a good wage, but I hate waste and we haven't been the best we can be this year.  I often think about those less fortunate then us and feel a bit guilty for not being more careful with what we consume etc. We give "Zakat" each year, which is giving away 2.5% of your wealth to charity, this is something we always do and it feels so right to be doing it. So in 2011 I am going to live much more frugally and I have booked the milk man to deliver milk, to support local businesses already too.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

I will try and stick to mine and keep looking back at this post to remind myself :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing your new years resolutions! You've inspired me to write down mine. Thanks again and good luck for 2011 xxx

  2. I love that you do Zakat, I've done something similar in the past, pre single parenting days - we don't have quite so much spare cash at the moment!

    But I would like in 2011 to try and rediscover the simpler things, and giving to others - thanks for the inspiration and hope you have a great year.

  3. What a great post, heres to 2011

  4. Sally - Nice to see someone who knows about Zakat :-) I think it is the least we can do, no matter how little it may be, it all counts.

    Thanks ladies x

  5. When you said, "Do a marathon", I assumed you meant a "snickers".

  6. I'm going to do a marathon too. Sorry. I mean a "snickers"!