Thursday, 2 December 2010

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

BB opened her first Advent Calendar yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post. She had one last year too but she was too young to be interested.

I am going to try and blog everyday for the Next "12 Days of Christmas" and I will try and include a picture of what BB got in her Calendar. Now I know there is nothing in it for you BUT if you love me please could you click through to any of the NEXT links on my site like this one then that would be great, as they will shower me in rewards for the more clicks I get and it is no secret I adore Next :-)

We also put the Tree up (well hubby put it up) and I decorated it...It is not 100% finished yet as I still need to get a few more decorations...we have gone for a snow Queen Theme as BB adored the theme at Van Hage Garden Centre, and I might have liked it too :-)

So anyway on with the pics:

BB Opening her Advent

Hubby has eaten his chocolate name bar already!

Day 1 - Baby Schleich Tiger (BB loves the Schleich figures)

Day 2 - An adorable Monsoon Angels scarf

The Snow Queen Tree


  1. Oh how gorgeous! That advent is just amazing! Lucky BB is going to have a magical Christmas x

  2. What a unique advent calander. Youngling was too small to understand advent last year but is enjoying the chocolate this year. I like the present idea may have to look for a calander like yours. Where was it from? Next? xx

  3. How cool is that advent calendar? I've never seen one like that!

    Love the tree - very chic! Headhuntress approves!

  4. Thanks ladies :-)

    The advent calendar is from Armstrong Ward and is £70. Here is the link for you


  5. It is a stunning advent calendar. I've been hunting high and low and haven't seen one I liked...I may just jump online and get this. It's my first Christmas with a little family of my own and I have an overwhelming desire to make it perfect. The baby isn't even going to remember, but I'm having fun!

  6. I think if I didn't give chocolate during advent I'd have a mutiny at the house! Love the tree!