Friday, 3 December 2010

On the 3rd Day of Christmas the advent calendar gave to BB...

...A Tiara fit for a Queen

OK so the advent calendar is a real success with BB, she loves it and loves her gifts so far too. The problem is she wanted 2 presents this morning and it took a while to explain that it is ONE a day. So I have moved it out of reach for now.  She can still see it but it isn't in arms reach so she doesn't keep getting drawn to it.

You can't blame her can you, all those shiny wrapped presents, they are tempting me too!

A few people asked where our Advent Calendar was from and so for all those interested it is from Armstrong Ward it costs £70 but I think they are lovely and will last year after year.

However if you want a more afordable advent Calendar also do a lovely wooden reindeer one and some cute stockings too
Is it really Day 3...Doing this post a day malarkey is hard work...I am used to doing one a week if that!

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