Tuesday, 7 December 2010

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

This morning BB got a Halilit Train Whistle from her Pixie Advent Calendar and she has been running around ALL morning blowing it..thanks Grams...I will make sure I pack that in her overnight bag when she stays at yours in a couple days :-)

It really does sound like a train and would make a really nice stocking filler if anyone needs a few more ideas.

I also got BB some cute new boots yesterday. Boots are very hard to buy for her as she has chubby little ankles (although they are slimming by the day sadly) so they have to be soft leather so they can stretch a bit and allow for socks too.

Clarks have a poor selection this winter for boots in my opinion so getting the correct width has been hard work.  After trying several pairs on we finally found these which are very soft and fit her perfectly. And she loves them because of the butterflies which is a bonus.


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  1. I agree about Clarks this year.. I went in there a couple of weeks ago and didnt really like any of their winter boots