Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mummy Bloggers: Do you want that title?

There has been a lot of talk this week around the title 'Mummy Blogger', some people refuse to use it and some wear the badge with pride.

There have been posts written on the competitive nature of blogging, jealousy and negativity and I myself have been subject to some disgusting 'anonymous' comments on my blog too.

But you know what...it is all worth it.

There was a nice article published this week on the BBC News Website 'The rise and rise of the 'mummy bloggers'

Of course we also have Josie, Sian and Eva heading off to Bangladesh in a weeks time on an amazing journey following the work of Save the Children.  This article “Mummy Bloggers head to Bangladesh” is well worth a read.  We will be thinking of you all and following your journey.  I think they are amazing for doing this and I know I would not be able to cope with seeing babies, just like ours, dying from things that just one simple vaccination could prevent, I break down just thinking and reading about it!

Something you can do is go and sign the Facebook petition. It will take two minutes. Tell Nick Clegg that nine million children a year dying unnecessary deaths is not right, and that we have the power to change it. There are other ways to help here too, so please do have a read.

If that isn't something to feel positive about then I don't know what is!

Blogging has given me so many opportunities, from creating an amazing journal for my daughter to one day see, to allowing me to visit new and fascinating places, to being asked to write for several publications and allowing me to meet some great people. 

I don't review everything I am offered from companies and I don't accept every PR request that comes through my inbox, I want the products I do showcase and review to be interesting to my readers. The freebies and the perks that come along with this blog are great but without them I would still be here writing.

But what I love most is that this is my space to write, if someone doesn't like what I write or how I write then they don't have to be here reading it do they? I don't take it too seriously and that way it always remains fun.

Friday, 20 August 2010

ToothGate: The Final Frontier

Yes our 16 month old Baby Belle has a tooth coming through! 16 months of wondering when this day will come; it is finally upon us, a little poke of white coming through that cute gummy smile of hers, finally.

It is her top right ‘front tooth’ to be precise. Everyone told me not to worry (big thanks to all my fab twitter buddies) but I did worry a little and now the worrying is over, BB does have teeth in there!

This last month she seems to have turned into a proper little girl. Here are some of this month's updates:

Dizzy - She loves to spin and spin around to make herself dizzy

Walking & Running - BB is starting to run now, especially when chased by daddy or grandpa! Although this video is a month or so old I had to share it as I loved it when she was all wobbly on her feet when she first started walking. She just suddenly starting walking at 15 months and I know this isn't early but it wasn't one or two steps, she was off...the cheeky little monkey just wanted us to wait I think :-)

The Library - This is BB's new love!  She has her own card now which she is very proud of and as soon as we get into the library she is off! She will spend ages looks through the books and I always end up with a pile of about 30 which she has brought me, which I then have to sift through to see which to take home. We are also building her a little library at home with bookcases etc.

Hide and Seek - This is her favourite game at the moment. However she hasn't quite mastered 'keeping quiet' when hiding yet.

Music - BB adores music and dancing still. She is getting very loud on the harmonica now and still loves the piano too; she amazes me how delicate she is with the keys!

Muscles - Daddy and BB came downstairs the other day after bath and pyjama time and he had taught her to 'show me your muscles', where she puts her arms in a muscle man pose!  It really does look so cute with her little chubby arms. Trust daddy!

Arty - She loves drawing, painting and play doh at the moment. Oh and stickers, you can find them everywhere, grams even found one in her bath last week!

Food - BB continues her obsession with food, she is still yet to refuse anything!  This last month's favourites are still Olives (standard!), Gherkins, tomatoes and sweetcorn (yes a whole cob and bear in mind that is only with gums!). She is also using her fork a lot more now which is good (sorry picture quality is not my usual standard as these were done on my iphone)

The 'Par' (Park) - She still refuses to go on the swings (loved them at 6 months old but now won't go near them) but LOVES the slide; she could spend hours at the Park and never wants to leave! But her favourite pastime is finding things on the ground, luckily the parks near us are very clean and tidy!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Burghley House - Festival of Surprises

Burghley House is one of the largest and grandest houses of the first Elizabethan Age.

It is located in Stamford, Lincolnshire which is only a few miles away from me.  I have always loved it, I have done the race for life there and attended a few other events and this last weekend we went to the Festival of Surprises Family Carnival.

It was a lovely day and all three of us (me, hubby and Baby Belle) enjoyed it.  There was a bouncy castle, story telling, balloon animals and a fun area for everyone to try little circus tricks such as plate spinning. And of course a lovely coffee shop for me and hubby.

You can see our day in pictures below.

Howevere if you missed the Festival fear not as you can still go along and explore the house, the amazing sculpture garden, deer park and the Garden of Surprises which has a great assortment of water features, a mirror maze and lots of other fun surprises.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Monsoon Children Spring/Summer 2010 Review

Here at Mummy's Shoes it is no secret that we adore Monsoon, the quality, the style, the detail...second to none.

The Spring Summer Children's Collection is beautiful, concentrating on vibrant colours and stunning embroidery.  You can have a flick through the lookbook here to see for yourself.

Baby Belle has been lucky enough to try out some outfits from this season's range and you can see the lovely little collection below (plus some pictures of belle in her favourite dress)

And now for Belle showcasing her fav dress from this season's collection...

Monday, 2 August 2010

This Week Carly Loves....

This week I am in love with Shabby Chic Town Bikes with cute baskets on
Just give us a bit of sunshine please English Weather

This one (below) is called the Electra Townie I do believe
Do you really think Paris Hilton uses hers? I doubt it...but it's cute nevertheless but needs a basket on the front!

*Photo Credits (pics courtesy of):

Fit Sugar
Carleston Cycle Chic
Oh French Blog