Friday, 21 January 2011

Ikea Children's Mini Kitchen

It is no secret that I love going to Ikea for a family day out.  It all started years ago when I went off to Uni and my parents took me there so I could kit out my halls of residence room. Now when I go I love the childrens section for BB and she loves running around and playing there times have changed.

So when an email dropped into my inbox asking if Belle would like to review the DUKTIG mini kitchen I knew she would be delighted. She loves baking with me and helping in the kitchen and she has lots of toy fruit and veg and pans which she loves playing with.

Instead of me explaining exactly how great it is we have put together a little video for you...

Belle plays with this daily!  At £66.38 from Ikea this is amazing value for money.  They are also available from a few other stores retailing at £80-£100. The pots and pan are sold separately and I love these because they are not your typical plastic type and look like small versions of the real thing!

The legs are adjustable to 3 heights, Belle is 21 months old and as you can see she can reach everything really well.

 I really find it hard to fault this mini kitchen, from the aesthetics to the quality, it is perfect.  The only thing Belle struggles with are the doors being a bit hard to open, they need a bit of a tug because the magnets are quite strong but she mastered that after a day too.  For this price I think you would really struggle to find a better kitchen.

Ikea also do a whole Duktig Range to go with this kitchen and you can grow it by adding a top section too.

Something which I will be writing about more soon is 'play' and 'role-play'.  It is something I feel is so important to children in their development and growth, it is not given enough focus in schools and early childhood.  Ikea have carried out a research report called the 'Playreport' which is the world’s largest study of play and children’s development. They spoke to 8,000 parents and 3,000 children from over 25 countries. As part of this they have made a Facebook page called ‘make the world play more’ to help parents exchange thoughts around play and development 

Ikea are using this report to continually develop their children’s range and ensure that all IKEA products help children to develop different life skills.  I really think it is great a big company is doing this sort of research so please go and show your support on their facebook page.


  1. OK - I'm wanting one!! I was in Ikea the at the weekend funnily enough and saw this fab little kitchen and wished it had been available when my 11 year old was younger. Now she just cooks in mine and leaves me with the washing up!

  2. That is gorgeous! I am very glad we had a little boy or I would have an entire mini-house in our house.

  3. We're off to Ikea in a few weeks I will look out for this hopefully it's here in Oz!

  4. Jodi - I will keep my fingers crossed for you :-)

  5. Our little cherub chops!! She plays so beautifully with her kitchen. We had 'fried' foam letters the other day! It really is all about 'acting' like Mummy (and Daddy) at this age whether girl or boy. Now you have two kitchens to tidy up! xxx

  6. Bex ... ripped off aussie mum25 January 2011 at 03:16

    there is no doubt .... it is a great piece of kit .... every child would have hours of fun playing with one.

    so why, O WHY .... does it cost so much more to buy in australia than any other country??

  7. Thanks for the review! The kitchen looks great...
    But, THE VIDEO is what I liked most.... It is Sooooooo cute! I had to write this :-)