Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Notebooks, Weddings and Holidays

I really have not had time to blog recently, not even ten minutes in the evening like I used to, but I am at the office today so taking a ten minute break to update all my lovely readers, thanks for sticking with me.

My life at the moment consists of notebooks. I know I could use the iPad or laptop but I really love to 'write' when I am organising things.

I have two for the wedding reception (right)
I have one for our holidays (lists of what we need to buy/take and places to go)
I have one for the house, blog and general musings (including BBs 2nd birthday)
Finally I have one for work

Needless to say a lot of my time in the last couple weeks has been taken up with wedding reception planning.  I really didn't appreciate how much organisation and planning goes into these things.  I am sooo grateful for my mum as I have passed on the Flowers to her and she is liasing with the Flourist with my chosen scheme, she is beyond amazing!

I also visited the first dress shop with a friend who was trying on a wedding dress as she is getting married abroad this coming August, she looked stunning!  We are arranging another appointment to go back with my bridesmaids, mum and of course Baby Belle to sort out my dress and theirs too.  It is a gorgeous boutique and the lady makes them all herself! We also have the wedding show coming up in March which should be a giggle, my bestie is getting married in September 2012 so we are looking for ideas for her wedding too.

Baby Belle has come on in leaps and bounds in the last couple weeks and her speech and vocab amaze me, everyday she comes out with something new! Last week hubby was chasing her when she turned around and said "no baba, go away!" *flings arm in air and points to other side of room* ('baba' means daddy in Farsi by the way) We were in fits of laughter.  BB and baba also started going to a daddy and toddler group and they had a fantastic time at that.

To end the week on a high last week I also received my Stunning Giorry Bag in time to take to Paris with me at the end of the month. I will be doing a proper review for you as soon as possible.

Anyway must get back to 'work'...


  1. I adore the Giorry bags - I have been lusting over a few of them on the website.

    And you know me and writing things down.... love the notepad :)

  2. Hi Nickie, Giorry bags really are so gorgeous and the quality is second to none!

    Know you love your notepads too :-) x

  3. Nice post! It's quite inspiring and influential. Keep it up!