Thursday, 10 February 2011

Do you spend too much time online?

I usually despise The Daily Mail and wouldn't give it the time of day to comment however there has been a lot of chatter this morning in the parenting community about this article...

Do you think certain parents could take something from it?  It is a worry and I do wonder how healthy it can be for young toddlers to see their parents online so often so in that respect I can see where it is coming from.  Don't get me wrong I am not being self-righteous I am by no means perfect. I am very lucky because Grams has Belle on Tuesdays and Fridays and I do tend to spend some time online on these days from the office. On the other days I may nip on in Belle's nap times with a quick cup of tea but when she is awake I cannot be found online, I'm not even sure how I would find the time anyway! 

But reading this article did make me think and perhaps we need these sometimes so we can do a little health check on our lives.  For example I am guilty of allowing Belle to play with my iPhone a lot when we are out or when she is getting grumpy and this is something I want to cut back on.

Hubby once got an email from someone 'close' to us regarding my blog saying 'if that is what she chooses to do with her time'. There always seems to be some sort of negativity around parents who 'blog'. Why is that? I think it is wonderful that parents have a real life source to get advice from, warts and all.

The emails I get from my readers further confirm this for me. When I get a thank you letter from someone saying I really helped with her little one's colic it makes it so worthwhile! That is the beauty of blogging, it is not glossed up, and it is real. For me I have had amazing opportunities brought to me through Mummy's Shoes but above everything it is something I do in my spare time to hopefully help other mothers and something which I enjoy doing.  All the freebies, events and the fact it brings in a monthly wage has been a bonus but if they were gone tomorrow I would still be here tapping away. 

I am sure there will always be some parents that spend too much time online and perhaps their children get neglected through it but there are bad examples of people in all walks of life.  Who is to say what is right and wrong.  Some parents decide not to be full time mums over a career, some would say that is selfish but then you have those who have to do it for financial reasons. It is no secret that bringing up children and being a full time mum or dad is the hardest job in the world. Just ask anyone who has done both and they will tell you. So perhaps the media need to go a bit easy on those who do decide they want to be there for their children full time and help others in the process.

I think about all the lovely ladies I have met through blogging and I cannot say one of them neglects their child(ren), and yes I have been around their houses in the 'real world' too.  I am sure there are a few out there somewhere that could cut back a little and perhaps take something from that article though?

If you are a parent blogger, why do you blog? There is a wonderful list over on the Tots100 site of what motivates others to write. I say let us take heed of the dangers of too much online time but also draw on the positives too.


  1. Articles like this really pee me off, like we all sat around on our phones and computers all day ignoring our children. I do have days when I tweet a lot often that's when BG is playing happily by herself and doesn't want mummy to play. I don't blog while she is around I either do it when she is asleep or when she is with her nana or dad. I also schedule posts so I'm not on all the time.

    There are times when I have to be online while she is around but as a WAHM that's the name of the game. My daughter is not neglected in anyway. She is happy, healthy and bright.

    I will not be made to feel like a bad mum by the ruddy daily mail.

  2. Touché hun!

    It pained me to give the daily mail the webspace but seeing as it is a very talked about topic thought it only right to mention that article

  3. That article in the Daily Mail seems so silly to me. It seems parents and bloggers in particular are an easy target because it looks like they spend a lot of time online when in fact they are just doing it in their spare time.

    You see it on other social networking sites too like Facebook, there are always some people that spend loads more time then others on there.

    Carry on doing what you are doing because I think your blog is utterly amazing and you are helping so many other people out there. Like you said there will always be a handful of people that bring the lot down.

  4. Thank you anon :-)

    I do think the article is very relevant and draws on some good points, if children are being ignored in place of social media I think that is so wrong. But I think it is relevant on a much wider scale then just 'mummys'.

  5. I can't believe your quote "If that is what she chooses to do with her time" cheeky sod!!! Pity you can't give them a piece of your mind, but I guess if they are a family friend you can't really ! You keep doing what you are doing - it is patently clear that Belle is happy, healthy and a bright little sparkle!

  6. Awww thanks Helen!!

    Lol if only it were a family friend that had said that then I could dismiss the friend part ;-)

  7. I think you're right, maybe some people are guilty of maybe a bit too much time online but for me, one of the reasons why I love Twitter and blogging is because it is so easy to fit in with my family life! I can blog during naptimes, quick tweet while waiting for them to come out of school.. For me I can pick it up inbetween my role as a 'mummy' and I'm sure that's the same for so many of us.
    I would never ever neglect my children! Especially not in favour of my 'online life'.
    That said, I have to agree that especially considering it was in the DM it was actually a fair article and I could see the point being made but surely those parents would be in a really small minority?
    Great post Carly x

  8. yummy mummy - You summed that up really well and I too believe it is a small minority that do neglect their children for it. I mean it takes literally ten seconds to type a tweet on your phone, so a couple of those a day isn't going to do much damage to a child! I just think it serves as a good 'health check' as DaddyNatal said "sometimes we need articles like this to make us do a health check, if all is well great move on, if it isn’t change something." x

  9. A great post! Carry on with everything you do, you are a great Mummy, it shows in everything Belle does. As always in life there is a balance, you have got that just right. As Mothers we are made to feel guilty whatever we do, we should support each other not criticise. I wish blogs like yours had been around when my children were small not only for the worries we have with our kiddywinks but for the fun part too! All you Mummy Bloggers out there, CARRY ON, you are making a real difference!

  10. I chose to start my own business and blog so I could work around my child. I have to fit in work, taking care of my daughter, sleeping, cooking, cleaning etc in the 24 hours that I have each day. As long as everything is balanced, what's the problem? If you are excessively doing any one thing then yes it will be a problem and something will be neglected. So I guess what I'm saying do what you need to do but not at the cost of your child, your home, your partner etc. I'm not saying I have the prefect balance, but that's what I aim for. In the meantime, I know my child isn't neglected in anyway but I can't say the same about the housework!

  11. My very first post 2 weeks ago touched on this article. I have made the mistake of installing the Daily Mail App on my phone so whenever I am killing a bit of time I have a look. The article certainly made me feel guilty and there are always endless articles about parents inadequacies. The thing is to take it with a pinch of salt and take from it what you need. Sadly some kids are neglected and their parents are the type to not take a blind bit of notice anyway!

    Fab blog by the way, thanks for your post :-) x