Saturday, 12 February 2011

DummyGate : Step One

Belle was very late getting her teeth through, her first one came through at 16 months so we were quite lax with allowing her to have her dummy as it helped and comforted her through the teething pains.

Last weekend we decided it was time for her to give up her beloved dummy and so decided to do it in stages.

Step 1: Only for 'Sleep Time'

On Saturday morning when she woke up we went into her room and explained that she had to leave her dummy in her cot because from now on it was only for 'sleep time'.

She quite happily put it down onto her duvet and left it there. That was easy...helped by the enticement of breakfast waiting downstairs.

That was a week ago to the day and she has been amazing! The first day or two she asked for it a couple of times but we explained it was in her bed and she responded well.  The only time she really wants it is when we are in the car and when she is getting tired and grouchy before her nap.

Step one has been a complete success so far. We no longer have to ask her to leave it in her cot, she just does it herself now. Now we just need to decide when to stop 'sleep time dummy'. That, I think, will be a little harder. Perhaps we will have to use the 'dummy fairy' approach à la supernanny


  1. My mum just "accidently" dropped my sisters dummie into the loo, made sure she looked really disgusted and voila, my sister was so revolted by it that she never touched a dummie again :D

  2. Good luck! I did it the way you are doing and it worked well.

    I kept putting off the 'sleep time dummy' and then one night I just did it. I was up until about 1am with her crying for it the first night. That was hard but I had made the decision and I stuck with it. I said the bin man took it today! Maybe not as nice as using a fairy lol but I just used someone real who I could blame!

    The second night was easier. She did ask for it and was restless but no real crying. Third night no problems and there weren't any problems ever again... oh actually for about a couple of months she wasn't happy with the bin men and frowned when she saw them!

  3. With AJ I actually lost his dummy when he was 7 months old and I had four nights of trying to settle bubba back down but after that it was long forgotten!

    With Chelsea she really depended on it and we had the same issue, her teeth came late so when she started to teeth it soothed her so we let her have it for longer, then she had turned 2 and I realised that her two top teeth looked a little bucked and as soon as I noticed that, I threw them all away along with the bottles. It was about a three week process of her asking and needing to be settled but I had the strength to do it, and before I knew it it was all over and her teeth are perfect now at 2 years 7 months :)

    Good luck Carly!

  4. Carolin - That is hilarious!
    ummH - Those nasty bin men :-) bless her.
    Jodi - Thanks hun, still haven't stopped the sleep time dummy but after an hour of her being asleep she doesn't seem to have it in anyway so fingers crossed when we do take it away it won't be too hard x