Monday, 28 February 2011

Memory Monday: Nanny & Grandpa

We miss you everyday but you are still here in every smile.

And now we can't go anywhere without someone commenting on those big blue eyes that your great granddaughter has.
I wish you could have met Belle but I know you can see her.
Whenever I look into them eyes I see you both and so you are never far from our thoughts.

Happy Birthday Nanny and Grandpa.
Love Forever Your Granddaughter x


  1. That is so lovely darling. We all miss them so much but just have to look at Belle to feel close to them again. xxx

  2. This post made me cry, so sad that we loose the people we love the most. Lovely that every time you look at Belle you can feel then near. I feel exactly the same about Milly and my wonderful dad, she has his same straight smile. big hugs XXX

  3. What a lovely post, and yes I beleive they can see Belle too and love her as much as you all do. xxx