Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Hubby is quite romantic in his own little ways, he gets me little surprises throughout the year for no reason.  He will take Belle out for the day or go to Cambridge with his friends and he always come back with a little present for me.  He also surprised me with a trip to Paris a few weeks ago.  It was his love of poetry and music that first attracted me to him and he has written me some lovely things in our 5 years together.

Because of all this Valentine's Day doesn't really mean that much to us, we don't need to be told when to show our love, we all know Valentine's Day is a big commercial ploy but I must admit I still enjoy it.  Don't get me wrong, if Feb 14th was taken out of the year I wouldn't miss it one iota, but seeing as it is there I do enjoy it.  I think living in America did it to me, they sure know how to celebrate occasions over there! And I have very fond memories of Valentine's Day at school there and here in the UK too (remember the King's Valentine's Messenger girls, I think there was a message for one of us on every single page one year!!!)

On Sunday we all went over to my Aunty and Uncles for a meal and I had some cupcakes made for mum by the lovely Sal from The Little Cakery.

We all had a wonderful day!

Belle tucking into the cupcakes

Full tummies after a lovely meal!

Some of the gorgeous gifts from my gorgeous mummy. 
She also bakes the best cakes, as all the office will agree!  
She is one of my favourite Valentine's ever!

Yesterday (Actual 'Valentine's Day') was perfect, although it was a working day hubby met me and Belle for lunch and then took the rest of the day off work.  Every year we have been out for a romantic meal, just hubby and I, but this year I could not have asked for a nicer Valentine's Day then having lunch with my little family.

 Lovely card and perfume from hubby

Cute photo frame presents

All ready to meet Daddy for lunch

With her Valentine's Monkey from Grams


  1. It's all so pretty. You really know how to do Valentine's Day. Is that an Emma Bridgewater tea set on the floor with Belle and the cupcakes? My husband and I tend to be quite low-key about it because it falls just four days after his birthday. This year was his 30th so we just ignored it altogether after everything that went into the *big* celebrations. But I feel quite inspired looking at all these hearts. Maybe once the baby's here, we'll embrace the fun of it a bit more.

  2. Hi Circus Queen - Yep you got it, it is indeed an Emma Bridgewater tea set! Thanks for stopping by I love finding new blogs so going over to yours now :-)