Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Paris

Hubby surprised me with a trip to Paris!  He organised the flights, the quaint classically Parisian hotel and he even arranged for Belle to stay with Grams and Papa.

We had an amazing time. The people were lovely, the architecture was beautiful and I could quite happily live there (bar the crazy traffic!). Instead of going on about it I will share a few pictures with you...



It was rather cold up there...wind chill -2 brrrr

One of my favourite shops! 

A very cute dolls house shop...spent ages in here! 

Restaurant Chartier


Thanks so much hubby for a lovely break, you are the bestest!

Thanks also to Grams & Papa for looking after Belle for so long, we missed her sooo much but knowing she was with you (which she loves more than anything!!) meant we could enjoy ourselves!


  1. What a lovely trip - glad you had fun! You managed to look v stylish even with the cold weather lol ;)

  2. Sounds fabulous! I did laugh at the picture of you on the steps, its such a fun pic!

  3. How brilliant :-)

    now, can your husband have a word with mine. I'd love a surprise like this. But then I'd probably also panic because I know he'd forget to organise something!!

  4. Nic - thanks :-) it really was freezing!
    Helen - haha, I am a dork!
    Nickie - thank you...he didn't surprise me the same day but a few weeks before so I had time to organise Belle's things etc or else I would have panicked too. He did amazingly well though I must admit, hotel was lovely and flight etc, he even got me extra baggage allowance! x

  5. Oh lordy i am beyond jealous! I would love my OH to surprise me like that, I have always loved Paris from afar, never *actually* been ;)
    Your pics are beautiful too XXXX