Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bloggers and Brands: Are you selling your soul?

A recent discussion on the Blogger.Ed Forums really made me think and question the brands I work with and help promote here on Mummy's Shoes. I had never heard about The Nestlé Boycott until today and I very nearly took up an offer from them, without doing any proper research into the brand. I didn't as it happens, simply because the offer wasn't that attractive or interesting to me. But it has made me realise I must, for ethical reasons, look into the brands I am helping in future in much more depth.

I have seen a massive rise in PR emails and requests coming into my inbox daily now, offering items to review, campaigns to promote and requesting advertising rates etc. It means I am starting to get very particular about what I take up and what I don't, I simply haven't time to take up all the offers and I don't want to either. I am happy with what I have here.

Do you research the brands you work with? Would you sell your soul for a freebie?


  1. Hi Carly

    Like you, I wasn't really aware of the Nestle boycott, and thought it was something historic rather than current.

    I think if you promote a brand or product, though, it's your credibility on the line - I recently reviewed a product and happened to read something about some of those products catching fire, and I felt very uncomfortable about reviewing and not mentioning that downside.

    I think it's important to remember on any issue that there will be people with different opinions, but what matters is that you're happy with the decisions you make for yourself and your family.

  2. I also find myself saying no a lot at the moment, mostly due to time and interest but I do try to think about how the brand fits with me and my beliefs/ views.

    Mich x

  3. Hi Carly,

    I totally hear what you're saying.

    I try to research before I accept anything as I have firm views on ethics. I've turned down many opportunities as I felt promoting xx would be hypercritical.

    However, it's not always easy is it? PRs don't always make it easy as they don't disclose their clients upfront.

    I've made some mistakes, and regretted a few early ones I did!

  4. Sally - Completely agree, you will always get different views opinions and it is important you do what you think is best.
    MissieLizzie - It really isn't easy with some PR companies, they are very clever with their wording, probably because they are more aware then anyone if they have a bad reputation. We just have to try our best.

  5. I do some looking into each product, also it has to be a product I use or would like to use. I get so many offers from places I have never even heard of, I like to stick with companies I feel I can trust.

    I also dont feel like just because a group of people has been boycotting a product or a company that I have to as well - or anyone else for that matter. With all the stuff on the internet we never know what is true and real and current.

  6. I think it depends what you want to get from your blog. there are reviews blogs out there that I read and I have no problem with any brands they cover as I know its not personal to them. But my blog is a mix of reviews and personal so its important to me that the only brands I feature are ones I know and trust and I never feature anything I haven't tried... and if I try it and hate it, I tell them.

    I recently got an approach from a PR for a product I tried and hated. I told them that I was more than happy to write a piece for my readers but warned that it was going to be a bad review and to be honest, I'd rather not take up the space on my blog. I think the PR appreciated my honesty.

    I did know about the nestle boycott and have actually been involved in feeding back to their PR all the reasons (and its a long list) why I wouldn't feature them on my blog.

    Its important to make your own decisions about what you will or wont feature on your blog.

  7. Great post, I have very strong feelings about Nestlé and given that they own or part own so many companies out there I would be ultra cautious about taking most reviews on.

    However it doesn't take long to do a little research to ensure that the product or brand that you review, or write a sponsored post about is someone that you're happy working with.

  8. I regularly sell my soul! I was offered nestle products and invited to events in the past and have turned it down as I was aware of the boycott and didn't want to upset anyone on the blog.

    I only take products that I feel are suitable for my blog.