Monday, 28 March 2011

My baby is nearly 2!

It has been a weekend of celebrations for Belle in the run up to her 2nd birthday! It still isn't over as her actual birthday is on Wednesday, where we will have yet another cake :-)

Thanks to Grams (Mum) and also Sal (The Little Cakery) for these adorable creations...

Sweetie Table!!

Teddy Bear's Picnic Theme!


  1. Wow, they are just amazing. Iam sure you will all have a fab day. happy Birthday to BB for Wednesday

  2. gorgeous, look liked a beautiful party x

  3. Wow what gorgeous cakes, one lucky little lady. My boy is 2 on Wednesday too :-)

  4. Wow, those cakes are incredible!
    Hope she has a wonderful day on Wednesday!

  5. Happy birthday to your little daughter! My daughter has just turned 13 weeks and that is going so quickly, I can't imagine her getting too two!
    I found your blog by chance- I have just started writing my own one.

  6. Wowo these are just amazing cakes my daughter will be three in a few weeks and talks about her birthday EVERY day. So far she would like
    - something pink
    - balloons
    - a "piggy one" whatever that means
    - cupcakes

    I am madly thinking about what cake to make her - thanks for the inspiration!