Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My First Peppa Pig ReadyBed Review

When I was contacted and asked if we would like to review the My First ReadyBed® by the lovely people at Worlds Apart I wasn't too sure if it would be suitable because Belle is still in a cot.  But she loves Peppa Pig and we are off on holiday in May so I thought it was worth a shot.

It arrived in a lovely box and as soon as Belle saw Peppa Pig on it she was excited.  It comes with a foot pump so we were able to inflate it straight away for her. Seeing as she has never used a proper bed I was amazed at how she climbed in and snuggled down in it right away.

That night after PJs and teeth Belle asked to have her bedtime stories in her Peppa Bed so we said OK, she climbed in and we read her a couple of books.

After story time she asked for 5 more minutes and she fell asleep!!!

This really is unheard of for Belle, she very rarely falls asleep in anything other than her cot at home or her cot at Grams house! Obviously we are not making a habit of it as she is so good at bedtime and always goes straight to sleep in her cot.  But it is so nice to know we have something we can take with us when we go away that is light and folds up small.

What I love about the ReadyBed:

1) When deflated it folds up small and has a little carry bag
2) Lightweight for travel/taking on holiday
3) Foot pump included
4) Very comfortable - The head board end blows up, the edges are curved so it feels secure for the little one and the duvet is attached like a sleeping bag so your little one stays put.
5) Very reasonable pricing - Costs around £35
6) It is available in 3 sizes- My First ReadBed (perfect for Belle!), Junior ReadyBed (suitable for 3+) and the Tween ReadyBed (great for sleepovers)
7) There are many different designs and characters to choose from!

I am genuinely over the moon to have found this, it is so perfect for Belle when we go away and I highly recommend it to anyone with toddlers.

My First ReadyBed can be bought from many retailers, including Tesco, Littlewoods, Argos and The Great Little Trading Co.

My First ReadyBed = A Huge Success!


  1. Right that's it, I am SO buying one. Cannot begin to tell you how many boxes this ticks!!

  2. Aaawww! She loves her bed so much, doesnt she? She keeps telling me that she is going to get me one too!

  3. We bought a Ready Bed for our daughter when she was getting too big for her travel cot.
    She soon outgrew the Ready Bed too, but not before it had been extremely well used. I really recommend them, light and small to transport and easy to inflate - if you're prepared to not be fussy about the character on them, you can usually get one on offer. Ours was Mr Tickle and I think it was half price when we bought it from Argos.