Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Transition from Cot to Bed

At the weekend we decided to move Belle into her 'Big Girls Bed'.  Over a year and a half ago I wrote this post about doing up her nursery, she looks so little! Next Wednesday she will be 2 years old!

Belle at 6 Months moving into her nursery and cot

So whilst hubby and Belle were out at SaturDads Group I decided to convert the cot into a sleigh bed

She was so excited when she saw it and climbed right in.  Hubby was also quite impressed when he walked in to find me with the screwdrivers out and I saved him a weekend job! It did take me over an hour to do though!

It has been a major success.  Belle has slept in it for 3 nights now, as well as her daytime naps, and we have not heard a peep from her, nor has she tried to get out when it was sleep time.  I really think that having a cotbed was a great idea as she was already familiar with the bed.

It is also very low to the ground so I have not had to worry about her falling out, although I have left a quilt on the floor anyway just in case as she has been used to lying up against the cot bars.

She looks so grown up in her bed, we can't believe our little girl is growing up so quickly! On Saturday night hubby and I stood at her door admiring her in her new bed and feeling 'wow where did that time go'...does that feeling ever stop? I'm guessing not!


  1. Aw, glad she's loving her big girl bed! We did the same with my daughter and put a duvet on the floor as we couldn't get a bed guard that fitted a cot bed. Glad we weren't able to get a bed guard now though as the duvet was a much better way of doing it.

  2. We moved C into a big girl bed about a month ago now. It's weird seeing them asleep in it for the first time isn't it?

    Glad it's gone well, they do grow up far too fast!

  3. Aw, bless her. It is good that she has got used to it so fast. Her bedroom looks very pretty and I think the bed is very stylish too.

  4. That is quite a lovely bed for your baby. Great job, you have set an example for mums out there to not be frantic in transitioning their babies from cot to bed.