Friday, 11 March 2011

YOU cheered us up...

It started as a bit of a tough week as I have been a bit poorly and then Belle came down with a cold so I was all prepared for a week of broken sleep/restless nights.

So it has been lovely receiving some little surprises in the post this last week to cheer us up. So thank you and here are a few of them:

1) We woke to find the lovely people from Innocent had left our family a wonderful breakfast treat outside our front door.

It was packed with lots of yummy things, muesli, apples and of course some of their famous and highly moreish juices.

Our favourite was definitely the apple juice which I believe is part a new range (I certainly hadn't come across it until now anyway) and very good for families as it comes in a 900ml carton.

So thank you Innocent, a lovely surprise!

2) Another package arrived, this time from Procter and Gamble with a big supply of household items, from washing powder and shampoo to a lovely compact mirror and earrings. It came at just the right time as we were due to do a shop so I was able to rest and relax with Belle.

We then got a second package with lots of fantastic 1930's items, look at that fantastic wash board, and a fab Flip Camera (obviously post 1930's).

I will be spending the day as a 1930's housewife very soon, as Proctor and Gamble realised I did not appreciate their products enough :-)  So I shall be living without using any modern appliances or household cleaning products for a day.  I shall do some blog posts and videos to show you how I get on!

3) Something which Belle really loved was receiving her first Readybed in the post.

In fact she loved it so much she fell asleep in it the first time she tried it out!

It has been great whilst she has been poorly because she has been able to snuggle up downstairs during the day and rest.  I will be doing a review on this later for you as it really is fantastic.

So thank you Worlds Apart for this fantastic bed, it couldn't have come at a better time!

4) Finally I had a visit from the Fairy Hob Mother from Appliances Online who sent me an AMAZING book...

...The Encyclopedia of Crafts endorsed by non-other than Martha Stewart! I can not wait to get stuck into it.

Now this arrived because I left a comment on Cheshire Mum's blog post here, who also had a visit from The Fairy Hob Mother (because she left a message on another blog post) you get the picture?

So now The Fairy Hob Mother has cast her wand over Mummy's Shoes and if you leave a comment below you could be picked and by magic receive a wish too!

So go ahead and leave a comment below. It can be anything at all! And wait to see if you are contacted :-)


  1. Lucky you, you're keeping the postman busy, aren't you? LOL - wish such lovely fairies were planning there next flight over to Mummy Alarm, haha...

  2. Wow, I could do with some of that cheer, we've had a rough week, starting on Saturday when we spent £200 (which came out of our new computer savings fund) to get the dog seen by an emergency vet, only for it to turn out to be constipation. Then my daughter came down with a virus, which turned into a chest infection, which has meant a week of rocketing temperatures, sleepless nights, hacking coughs and projectile snot-vomiting.

    Oh. And I still don't have a CyberMummy sponsor o_O

    So yeah, could do with some cheering up, really!

  3. Aww hun hope you guys are feeling better now?

    Cant wait to see your blog posts as a 1930's housewife! Have fun!!

  4. Ugh I can empathise with your week! Little Moo came down with a bug Sunday night and has spent most of the week spewing from both ends.... Hope she'll be better in time for our trip to Eurodisney in 10 days - that'll cheer us all up! Not quite a windfall of gifts, but she will get to meet Winnie The Pooh ;-)

  5. What an ace book! So glad the fairy hobmother helped brighten your week! Thanks again fir calling by my blog. Claire x

  6. Hope you get well soon! My daughter would love that readybed, thanks for the tip! I've been a longtime follower of your blog, and commnents can never be discounted. Hope you are better soon and can have a good weekend :)

  7. Get well soon!
    It must be going 'round, I have lil Chelly down with a fever at the moment too.

    AND those Ready Beds are amazing, I bought AJ an 'In the Night Garden' one back in 2009 what is it about those? He fell asleep in it the first time I put it up too!!

    Fantastic as a tool to get kids used to sleeping at other peoples homes or hotels if staying somewhere new, and the unfamiliarity of not there own bed/cot.

    Anyway keep well lovely ladies enjoy the spring!

  8. Hope you're all feeling Pea has been a cranky monster, think she's fighting off the nasty bug that's attacking the school.

    There's nothing like a surprise package at the door to perk up your day!

  9. Oh no, I do hope you're both feeling much better now! x

  10. What a lovely weel. I hope you are both feeling better. I have been cleaning like a 1930 housewife this week

  11. Martha Stewart is amazing :)

  12. Dear Fairy Hobmother please wave your wand
    And grant me just one wish
    To make me a perfect 'trouble and strife'(wife!)
    With a gift from you to cheer my life.
    (never said I was a poet, did I?) xx

  13. Hope you all feel better soon! I'm just awaiting the postie here too - I have some pies on the way !! Hope they are warming and cheery! x