Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Being a 1930s Housewife

A few weeks ago I was approached by super-brand Procter and Gamble to see if I would like to take part in a campaign on the 'Changing Face of Motherhood'.

Essentially this meant giving up all my modern day products and appliances and going back to basics to live a day like a 1930s housewife would have.
Straight away I knew I wanted to have a go and so a welcome pack showed up on my door with lots of their amazing products, from deodorant and washing up liquid to razors and fabric softener.

Then came a 2nd package full of carbolic soap, cold cream, a wash board and wooden toys (oh and a Flip Camera to film the experience)
So without further ado I give to you some snipits from my day...

Beauty Regime

Cup of Tea?

Washing Clothes

Washing the Dishes

P&G have undertaken a lot of research into the roles of mums and how they've changed since the 30s, mostly in terms of how the perception of women in those roles has changed.  Doing these challenges really made me realise how easy we have it today and that I am fortunate to have a lot of time to do other things like spend quality time with Belle instead. The thing I would have found the most time consuming is definitely the washing of clothes. I put a load in my 9kg washing machine and hey presto it is done, crispy clean and smelling divine! Although I do try my best not to use the tumble dryer.

What is scary is how things have changed so much in 80 years.  Like I mentioned we try not to use the tumble dryer and are constantly trying to be better in terms of being a bit more eco friendly with packaging etc.  I am very wary of using too many chemicals in cleaning products too. What is in store for our children's generation?

Thanks to P&G for providing me with lots of products and a great challenge, it has been really good fun and an eye opener.  The ladies back then, like my nanny, were amazing and deserve a medal.  They kept a clean and tidy house the hardest way possible! It makes me feel awful for ever moaning about how the washing seems to pile up!


  1. What an incredibly interesting experiment, it does look like fun (except the washing clothes part!). You are adorable in your apron :)

  2. Great videos, I thought you made a very glamorous housewife! It was a fun exercise but I definitely prefer to live in this day and age. ps. I moan like mad about the washing pile too!!

  3. Fantastic, well done you! You look so cute in that dress! xx

  4. Looks like you had fun doing this! I couldn't live without my washing machine!!

  5. This was a great post. Firstly you looked divine in the dress. I can only imagine how your hair felt - yuck !
    I would never be able to live without a washing machine either.
    Great videos