Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cake Balls from Cake Shop Corner

A fellow blogger and Twitter friend recently sent the Mummy's Shoes household some cake balls as a midweek treat and I had to write a little post about them as they were delicious!

Amy is the baker and decorator behind cake shop corner which offers custom cakes for all occasions.  Giant cupcakes, birthday cakes, cupcake towers and of course Cake Balls which I can definitely recommend.

The packaging was beautiful and hubby and I demolished all of these whilst watching a film...

Thanks Amy!

You can visit Cake Shop Corner Here
You can Follow Cake Shop Corners Blog Here


  1. Since I have been breastfeeding I have become obsessed with all things cake! Not good for shifting the baby weight! ;)

  2. Cake balls - fantastic idea! We are all getting tired of cup cakes! (the concept, not the eating of same!!)

  3. I have just had a look on her site and the "Giant Cupcakes" look amazing. These "cake balls" are a great idea as they can go through the post without too much risk of damage!