Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mummy aka Grams

Some of you will already know my lovely mum as she blogs over at Candlelight Cottage.

Last year I wrote this post about her and my nanny, both amazing ladies that I hope I can be even a little bit like one day.

There is no doubting my mum and I have an amazing relationship, I could talk to her for hours on end. It is only now I am a mummy myself that I really appreciate what she did for me over the years, gave me opportunities some never have and an amazing family unit I knew would always be there. Not to mention all the car journeys to take me to dance, late nights when I was performing in the Nutcracker Ballet in America, gymnastics club, netball matches, athletics club, she was always there cheering me on in everything I did. The pack lunches, the sleepovers, the parties, the shopping trips, the holidays, the birthdays, the Christmases, the homework help, the hairbraiding lessons, the advice and of course all the worry I must have put her through in my adolescent years.  My friends all love her, hubby loves her, she is such a caring soul.  Everywhere she goes people end up telling her their life story, she is just that sort of person.

This last year however there is another relationship that I have seen blossom and I think should be celebrated on this Mother's Day too, it has blossomed into such an amazing thing and it is all because of the time mum has put in.  She has been there from the word go.  It is that between Belle and her (Grams). That between a smitted Grandmother and a Granddaughter that thinks the world of her.

Mum knows all Belle's little quirky ways, her favourite songs, dance moves, books and foods.  Belle feels so at home with her and it makes life so easy.  At playgroup the teacher asks Belle who she is drawing/painting a picture for and it is always Grams, she fills her world with so much happiness, and mine. Here is an early video of them together.

Mum we love you so much and thank God for having you in our life

Carly, Hubby and Belle x


  1. This is lovely- your Mum sounds like a lovely lady.
    Its true that you appreciate what your parents did for you when you become a mum yourself.
    I also have a mum in a million- she is my best friend!

    Have a great Mother's Day x

  2. Thankyou my darling, love you all! xx

  3. I just popped over from your mother's blog, you two have such a beautiful relationship. I adored both of your posts. Happy Mother's Day, what a beautiful 3 generations of ladies and future lady!!