Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This Week Carly Loves...Floppy Hats

Our summer holiday is booked, a luxury villa in the South of France, and I am in full on 'packing checklist' mode for Belle and I.  Hubby only ever takes a couple things so he is easy to pack for!

3 years ago I lost my favourite floppy hat ever!  Hubby and I were on holiday and I left my hat on the top deck of a boat and I watched it fly off from the lower deck.  Ever since I have never found one to replace it, until last week when this arrived in the post...

It is just like my long lost hat and I actually bought two in case it goes AWOL again!


  1. I love hats, especially floppy ones! I also love your shoes...think my wardrobe needs an overhaul. Black, although practical is boring!