Friday, 20 May 2011

Win 2 sets of Puraspace Anti-Allergy Bedding

As you may know Belle moved into her 'big girls bed' a few months ago and she loves it!  

I was just about to pop out to John Lewis and get her a proper duvet (She was still using her big cot blanket) when I got an email from Puraspace (a bedding company) asking if we would like to try out some of their range of high quality anti-allergy bedding for children. What good timing hay?

I have never looked into anti-allergy bedding before, probably because we have never suffered from anything ourselves.  But upon having Belle I did read up on it, being the worrier that I am.  

Although for many allergies, such as asthma, eczema and hay fever, there is no cure, using anti-allergy bedding can go some way towards reducing and preventing symptoms at night, but it will not make them disappear.  Puraspace's bedding range are anti-fungal to provide effective and long-lasting protection against dust mites and allergens and are anti-bacterial to prevent skin bacteria irritants and keep your bedding fresh and clean. Another thing important to us parents is that they are machine washable and these are.

We received one double anti-allergy duvet and one child’s single anti-allergy duvet. 

They arrived in nice packaging and Belle was eager to get her new Next sheets on the duvet (OK that was me) but Belle was looking forward to trying out the 'bouncy duvet' as she called it!

Can I sleep down here tonight Mama?

The duvet was beautifully soft and Belle had a wonderful nights sleep.  The single size duvet was a bit big for Belle's sleigh bed but Puraspace also do a Cot size too which probably would have been better.

Puraspace's anti-allergy bedding range starts from £2.50 for a pillow case and also includes cot, cot-bed and single fitted and flat sheets, made from luxurious 200-thread count anti-allergy, 100% crisp cotton fabric. 
The Microshield duvets (which you can win below) are priced at £34 for a cot bed size, £40 for a single and £50 for a double.

Puraspace can supply certain products VAT-free to customers whose asthma, eczema, rhinitis or other dust mite-related allergic conditions are such that the condition is of a disabling nature.

Visit for more information.

Puraspace are giving one lucky reader here at Mummy's Shoes the chance to win 2 full sets of Microshield bedding - duvets, pillows, mattress toppers. You could have a double set and a single set or a single and a cot bed set or a double and a cot bed set (or any combination, you get the picture?)

To Enter
1) Leave a comment below in the comments section with the combination you would like to win and also a way of contacting you, should you win (eg twitter ID, email ad)

2) For an extra entry follow @Puraspace on Twitter and tweet about this comp (making sure you mention @MummysShoes so I can record your extra entry)

Terms and Conditions:
• This competition will run from 20th of May  to the 14th of June
• The winners will be chosen at random
• Competition is open to residents of the UK and Ireland only
• Prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative is available

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monsoon Pick of the Week

This week we give you another very cute outfit from the Children's Monsoon Spring Summer 2011 Range

I adore these colours and think they are perfect for any little girl attending summer parties or weddings in the next few months

Baby Girl Lowri Dress

Price: £24.00
Price: £20.00

2 Pack Lucy Flower Clips

Price: £6.00

Belle wore this outfit over the Easter weekend when we had some really hot weather and it looked so lovely and fresh, lightweight and breezy.  We shall definitely be packing this one in our suitcase for the South of France in a few weeks time.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Gallery: Chilled Out

This post is for Week 58 of The Gallery: Chilled Out

We like nothing more than sitting and reading a good book!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bringing up Girls: Media & Sexualisation of Society

Have you seen the popular TV show 'The Only Way is Essex'?

I don't watch a lot of TV so I am often one of the last to hear about things like this. But after Facebook status updates mentioning 'Shut Up' so often I was intrigued. What is it about this show that has gripped the nation?

So last night I sat down and 'you-tubed' the show. I really wish I hadn't! Do these people actually exist and why is this show SO popular!?!  I showed it to my hubby and he was actually in shock and blinded by the orange hues! The biggest word used in the 45 minute episode I watched was 'tactile' and it was used in the wrong context and followed up with a woman saying "wha's tactile mean". The rest of the show is pretty much summed up by the picture above.

It scares me to think my daughter is growing up in a world where The Only Way is Essex Facebook page has almost 50 times the number that Question Time has (The Guardian: The Only Way Is Essex: beyond trash TV)

And then Google showed up THIS article. School Girls idolise these women? Why are their parents letting them watch this trash?

Add this to pop stars dressed as sex objects (take Rihanna and her new song S&M), Dolls aimed at young girls with fishnet tights, clothing (such as thongs) aimed at 7-10 year olds and everything else the media wants to throw at our little babies! 

"The consequences of the sexualisation of girls in media today are very real," says Dr Zurbriggen, associate professor of psychology at the University of California.

"We have ample evidence to conclude that sexualisation has negative effects in a variety of domains, including cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, and healthy sexual development."

I'm not sure where the answer lies. If shows like this continue to pull in such high viewing figures there will only be more of them as that is where the money is. A shocking 18% of children's television viewing is in their designated viewing time so legislation can't be the whole answer. Perhaps it is a parents responsibility? But then we can only control so much when they are with friends or at school. Children want to fit in and do what is 'cool'. 

Dr Zurbriggen adds: "If you look at teenage magazines, it's all about sex.
"We are a visually absorbed society - our views of people are dominated by how they look."

"One of the key things here is social responsibility - advertisers and other media need to be aware that the products they produce and images associated with them have an impact and it's not always a good impact," he said.

It scares me the way society is going. The whole Big Brother Culture, Child Beauty Pageants, the role models are children are being fed by the media. To be aware of it must be a step in the right direction but how do you limit the influence on your little girl. Hobbies and positive role models perhaps, oh and leading by example and not watching this trash yourself!

There are lots of great activist groups out there rejecting the harmful messages the media is putting on females these days and fighting against the sexualisation of young girls. Pop along and follow a few of my favs @TakeBackBeauty @RevoltRealWomen @AnyBodyOrg and @CollectiveShout

I would love to hear from people who have little girls or teen girls and what you have done to limit these influences. Or perhaps you are not concerned with what the media dishes out?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

As most of you know Belle turned 2 a few weeks back now and the lovely people at Fisher-Price sent her a birthday present...

The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
As much as I'd love to say I always mow the lawn, I don't, it is very much hubby's domain, I have done it once in the past 6 years! So when Belle got this present she was over the moon because she could be like Daddy!

She was excited to see it was a lawn mower but when I showed her the bubbles she was really over the moon...what child doesn't like bubbles?

This is a great toy for girls and boys, but you have to make sure both back wheels are kept on the ground to allow the bubbles to flow. Once I explained this to belle she was off.

It is very easy to assemble, the handle clicks into the body of the mower and that is it, no stickers to stick on or other parts to build.  The bubble dispenser clicks into the front and you push it to dispense the bubbles. Belle did use up the bubbles very quickly but was quite happy to carry on pretending to mow the lawn without the bubbles too.

The only thing I would say is that the child needs a good stretch of grass to allow them to gain a bit of momentum which the bubble dispenser seems to need to allow the bubbles to flow.  Aside from that this is a fantastic toy especially for the summer and very reasonably priced at around £25

Available to buy from Tesco, Woolworths and littlewoods