Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Gallery: Chilled Out

This post is for Week 58 of The Gallery: Chilled Out

We like nothing more than sitting and reading a good book!


  1. Like mother, like daughter. What a fab photo and lucky you being able to squeeze some reading in. X

  2. What a sweet picture. You both look so relaxed and happy.
    I thought your comments on the sexualisation of girls were interesting. It does seem that the main aims of some young girls are to be 'pretty' and look a socially acceptable kind of nice. It is sad that such daft being are being held up as role models. I think pop stars can challenge us and be provocative, but these days it sometimes seems like they look like porn stars and music on daytime tv can be totally inappropriate for kids.
    I also wonder what this teaches boys about girls. Does it make them respect them less?
    I have a 3 year old girl and Iam also not keen on the plastic Barbie stuff that they are supposed to love. Maybe she will end up liking it, time will tell. At the moment, I am making dolls, so she has some of those.
    Pop by and visit me if you have a chance. I like the way your blog is pretty, but there is also some intelligent thought underpinning it.
    Byee, Tracy

  3. wish I could get mine to sit and read like that. Lovely photo

  4. What a lovely photo, she's copying you in every way - posture too. What a gift to pass on your love of reading.

  5. Great minds think alike!

  6. peas in a pod. Really lovely picture.

  7. Love this picture. Like Mother like Daughter (and Grandmother). We love our books! xxx