Friday, 17 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

To Daddy, 

You are the best baba in the whole world. I love our morning cuddles and you always make me an egg! I love how you teach me all your 'pow pow' moves (I think you call it jeet kune do). I am getting pretty good too, you tell me. 

I love coming to your office and running around. You give me fun jobs and say I am very clever.

You smile when I come up to you and say 'hi baba', give you a cuddle and then ask for things, like food. I think I have mastered the art of cuteness now and it seems to work well on you, mama tells me to stop being cheeky?  Sunday mornings are my favourite, the house never seems in such a rush and I can dance around the house with you and Mama, you make me laugh and giggle lots! We play tricks on mama too which is so funny.

I like going out in the rain with you and sitting on your shoulders with my mouth open to the sky...we say I am drinking rain :-)

Saturday mornings are so much fun and you take me to Playgroup like Mama does in the week. But to be honest you are a bit more fun then mama but don't tell her, she just worries about me a lot, but you know I am a big girl just let me get on and dirty. Then we go home and mama says 'look at you mucky chops' and we laugh.

You are very strong baba and you can throw me in the air and upside down, you always catch me and I say 'again, again'.  I love your made up stories about the bubble bear and I always want you to read more and more books at bedtime but you tell me 3 is enough. I always keep asking for 1 more though because sometimes it does work and you read another. You are good at doing silly voices.

You are very good on your guitar baba and I love you singing songs. 

Love Forever,

Your 'oh little miss' Soraya xxx


  1. So lovely, that photograph is absolutely gorgeous.

    CJ xx

    p.s. I also love your blog background, I'm a big fan of cups and saucers!

  2. Oh what a lovely post!! So thoughtful!

    Adorable picture too!! x