Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Models Own Nail Polish Summer Haul

Since having Belle I haven't worn a lot of nail polish. It just seems to chip within a day and then I forget to take it off and I hate that look!

But recently I came across Models Own Nail Polish and I fell in love with the shades. I got these three...

Pastel Pink
(a creamy candy pink colour)
and on my nails....

(a creamy pale blue colour)

Jade Stone
(a creamy pale green colour)

and on my nails...

Models Own do a massive range of colours and you can buy them online at www.modelsownit.com/


  1. Ooo, what pretty colours. I love painting my nails. I've recently been brave enough to try black. I always thought it would just look a bit too goth on me but it actually looks rather funky!

  2. The colours are great. Did you wear them on holiday? They look perfect for a nice summer day x