Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My 28th Birthday: Loved Ones & The Ritz

I turned 28 the other day! Late 20s...how did that happen?!?
I feel so lucky though...I have everything I could wish for and more. My family and friends made the day so special for me and I got so many gorgeous presents. An even bigger thank you to Hubby and Mum for making it extra extra special. Love You All xxx

Cake and Flowers

Belle with her (I mean 'my') Birthday Balloons :-)

A few of my lovely cards

Love this one...very 'me'

Typical Big Bro (click picture to enlarge and read)
Birthday Meal with the family

Notice the TrollBeads Bag...3 new charms :-)

It was way past Belle's bedtime and she was very funny...Running on loopy juice!

A little help to blow the candles out!

The hubby took me to The Ritz the next day!

The Powder Room

This was not empty for long, the waiter kept refilling it every time we ate one!

Great service!


  1. Happy Birthday! Late 20s... i'll swap you for early 30s :o) Looks like a fabulous day!

  2. What a fab day!! You looked gorgeous as ever!!
    Love the photo of the three of you!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday for the other day. Hope you had a great day. x

  4. U are such a beautiful young mum and ur daughter looks like an angel, sorry to say happy birthday so late and wish u happy everyday!