Tuesday, 16 August 2011

IKEA Playroom Makeover: Beat the Mess Stress!

Ikea recently made over Belle's Playroom in a bid to prove to the Mummy's Shoes household (and you) how simple storage solutions can help beat the stress of mess around the home!

I was shocked at just how organised I felt with a few simple key pieces of furniture. Watch this video for a quick background to our messy playroom...

Here for you in pictures are the fantastic results of the makeover. Under the pictures are links to the items for you too. I can not rave about the TROFAST storage system enough, Belle calls them her 'doodle drawers'!



The Solutions:

Our favourite piece of furniture by far! All of Belle's toys are in their own place now and you can have craft drawers, activity drawers or however you chose to compartmentalise.

Different size and colour drawers/boxes available for the TROFAST unity 
plus shelves. We went with green, pink and white. A lovely fresh combination of colours.

A fantastic unit if you haven't got a lot of space. Fits in corners nicely

Nice big boxes perfect for putting toys or dressing up clothes. Also stackable!

Great value for money and easy to put up!

Lovely finish and available in other colours too

Fantastic Value for money!

Belle adores her kitchen and it is great for storing her cups and saucers, pretend veg etc

A fantastic large rug. Lenght: 160cm Width: 133cm

Very handy for storing those little bits and bobs

There are many many more storage solutions available from hanging wall organisers to storage chests that IKEA have to offer. These are just some of them and we could not be happier with the choices. Belle loves her playroom so much now and she knows where everything is finally! As for hubby and I...we feel far less stressed not having to worry about toys everywhere!

Thanks IKEA!


  1. That looks fantastic - I might have a trip to Ikea to see if I can sort out my two's bedrooms.

  2. Looks so lovely and organised! Thanks for posting this. My daughter is nearly 3 and has accumulated so many toys so i think it's about time to sort them all out!

  3. We love our trofast. It's more difficult with boys for colours so we've got red and white and they are serving us well :)) Loving IKEA working with mummy bloggers. And great, detailed review from you so housepoints all round :)) Liz W aka @cambridgemummy / @ukbabyshows

  4. OMG I am so jealous they look amazing, I need them in my whole house!

  5. I am so jealous! I love IKEA (my ex husband hated it!)
    I am currently trying to work out how to get my son into the box at the moment if they fancy another challenge! its only 165 cm at its widest so not sure how I'm going to do it...

  6. Oh wow that is sooo cool and how orgainised is your playroom now! I'm super jealous :) I miss Ikea, and wish they'd put on in East Anglia. I can order large bits but not the boxes/candles and other stuff. Enjoy your new room x

  7. It looks stunning! and we of course LOVE to see lots of John Crane toys in there!! xx

  8. Wow I have a huge problem here with 6 kids as we just do not have any organisation at all, there are toys in storage boxes but they take up so much room. We have 2 living rooms so one is now a toy room, yet I would love it to look anything over than a complete dumping ground.

  9. Looks amazing!!! I need that kind of storage in my life! xx

  10. Omg wow!!! That looks amazing!!! If Ikea want to give me some storage solutions for my girls room, I won't argue! lol