Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Belle's First Haircut

Belle waiting for her first haircut, she had a little booster chair!

Ready to go!

Sitting very still!

All done!

You were such a good girl and sat very still the whole time, apart from now and then when you got an itch :-)
Love You Mummy's Big Girl xxx


  1. Awww! I have a video and picture of Little M getting his first cut at the barber shop. She looks gorgeous! x

  2. What a cutie, I took loads of photos of bear's first hair cut! I think he was about 9 months old though, his hair grows so fast! He's three now and must have had it cut over a dozen times!

  3. I am dreading taking my wee boy for his first haircut. He has lovely little curls at the back. I think it is a wee while of yet.

    Little Tums

  4. Oh how cute...she has gorgeous hair. What a good little girl!

  5. Look at the those curls!! So cute! Can't wait for Jazzy's hair to grow xx

  6. Thanks guys. She was so good, I thought she would change her mind and not want to have it done once she got there but she was eager :-) x