Thursday, 27 October 2011

Autumn fashions for Mummy & Babe

The weather has taken a bit of a turn, there was even a frost on the ground the other morning! So I decided it was high time to put away the summer dresses, get out the knits and boots and do a bit of a wardrobe update for Belle and myself. So we went shopping, mainly in Next!

My nanny always bought us our winter coats and my mum has carried on this tradition and gets Belle her winter coats too. I adore the two she has chosen this year and they look adorable on!

I have put all the web links underneath the pictures so you can pop over and look at the items.

In the above jacket plus Beret and Shoes both from Next too

The second coat she got was this Mink Trim Parker I love the lace detail

Also bought a skinny rib polo neck to put underneath it here

This looks SO cute on!
Cute Tights of course, a must for the colder days!
Ditsy Floral and animal Tights here
Cable Knit Design Tights here

(Shoes and Tights from Next as before)

(from L to R)
Pink Bow Pumps which Belle calls her dancing glitter shoes

For a wedding I am going to

Pink Midi Vintage dress from H&M
With a slim or chunky tan belt.

I love lace, what more can I say!

This is one of those essential winter knits I will be slinging over jeans for most of the winter :-)

My beautiful customised umbrella from Love Umbrellas !

Of course this is my favourite item of the month, or should I say year!?
My Mamami Amara Bag!
I will of course dedicate a post to this very soon so you can appreciate the sheer gorgeousness of this stunning bag! But I can say it has not left my side for the past week and has received so many compliments when out that I have lost count!

P.s This is not a sponsored post, I know we were 'repping" Next quite a bit there...I simply adore their children's range this season and hence the number of purchases!

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