Thursday, 10 November 2011

The one where Belle says "Goodbye" to her daytime naps

It seems we have come to the end of the road with Belle's 2 hour daytime naps. It was nice knowing you 'me time' and those cheeky cups of tea were blissful, while it lasted.

Belle is 2.5 (going on 25) and no matter how busy of a morning she has had she is now refusing to have a daytime nap. For 2 years she has loved her 2 hour nap, which she always took around 1-2pm. But for the last month or two she has decided they are not necessary and she has far more important things to do like, apparently...

Me: "Belle it's nap time now"
B: "I have to tidy my playroom"
Me: "OK two minutes of tidying and then bed"
B: "I need 8 minutes"

And yesterdays was "I not tired mama I think I just need a rest on the sofa"! Since when did 2 year olds get so smart!

By 6pm she is tired when she doesn't have a nap but she seems to cope well and doesn't get grumpy with it. She sleeps through the night and wakes at 6am on the dot every morning.

Is this OK? I worry she is not getting enough sleep and I know that it is so important for their brain development. She will sometimes fall asleep in the car on the way back from nursery for ten minutes but that really is it. Today we had friends coming over in the afternoon and a busy evening so I actually sat in the car for 25 minutes while she slept in there so she was well rested. I very nearly asked my neighbour to bring me a cup of tea!

I give her 'quiet time' still so she can relax and wind down a bit but she has so much energy! The other week we went to a friends wedding and she woke up at 6am and carried on partying all day and night until 11pm and then woke at 6am the next morning again as usual.

Look at that boundless energy!

Is this too young to drop her daytime naps? Do I just need to toughen up and get a bit more strict by taking her up to her room in the day? Or is it OK to let her decide when she wants to nap in the day from now on?

I wish there was a way of sharing her energy.

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  1. I am literally dreading the day this happens to me. Our 2 yr old's naps go through stages of lasting an hour to two or more and the difference in the length of them lately has got me wondering if nap time is slowly on its way out! Eeek! Fingers crossed its not too soon but I think its absolutely fine for them to dictate whether they sleep or not if its not affecting their behaviour.