Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Crafting, Chicken Pox, Cabin Fever and all that jazz

Belle got the dreaded Chicken Pox and only right bang slap in the middle of her First Ever Nursery Nativity Play.  I was so upset, not because I wouldn't get to see my angel on stage with her little halo (I am not being a deluded mother, her part in the nativity was an angel) but because she had been practising for a couple of months and she was SO excited. But, alas, these things happen and at least it is over and done with now.

A week in the house was quite testing though, calling in the 'craft' heavies was essential. So if you need ideas for when your little one gets chicken pox and you are house bound have a glance through these pictures for a bit of inspiration.
Baking and decorating!

We bought these wooden shapes from
Belle painted some whilst I did the others so it was fun for mummy and daughter :-)

Paper Chains!

Fresh Air!
When Belle had chicken pox we did a lot in the garden.  She loves helping sweep the leaves...
...with an iron?!?

German Friendship Cake
A friend popped over and dropped off a German Friendship cake, whilst we were housebound. SUCH a lovely idea! I had never heard of it before. It takes 10 days to 'grow', you add sugar and due to the live yeast it rises. You then take 3 cups out and pass it on to 3 more friends to do the same.  You then bake your cake from the remaining mixture! Love it! Belle loved watching it grow.

Pixie Advent Calendar.
The fact chicken pox fell within advent was great really as every morning Belle had a present to look forward to. A lot of people on twitter asked where pixie was from...She is from Chamomile Barn. But you could use this idea for the week your little one has chicken pox no matter what time of year, as a reward for no scratching!

Finally if your little one feels to uncomfortable to nap, I found taking her out for a drive great! 
It gets you out the house too.


  1. Oh poor Belle! My two youngest had Chicken Pox over Christmas last year - such bad timing! Although it looks like you have enjoyed some fabulous Mummy and Belle time so not all bad ;-)
    Hope she is feeling much better now x

  2. We are in the same situation this year with my little nine month old. Thanks for the inspiration. Ruby