Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Gallery: Baby Blue Eyes

This week the theme for The Gallery is Eyes

There really was only one option for this one and it has to be our little Belle.

My husband has very dark eyes and mine are green so it was quite a shock when our little blue eyed girl came along...I have been waiting 2.5 years for them to change...

Her eyes just seem to light up and I have seen so many emotions through them..wonder, excitement, happiness, cheekiness and the hardest will always be seeing them with tears in.


  1. Those eyes melt my heart everytime! Twinkly blue eyes! Love her sooo much! xx

  2. OH what a cutie! I love those laughing faces they do when they first learn what funny is as a baby!

  3. Aww such lovely bright blue eyes!

  4. Such lovely blue eyes *sigh* dreamy!

  5. Such beautiful blue eyes xx

  6. What beautiful pictures, and a very photogenic little sweetheart.

    CJ x