Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I love my Boyfriend Shirts.  I have adopted two of my hubby's shirts and I have about 3 of my own.  I seem to be wearing them even more recently...Perhaps it is because I am in packing mode, with the house move getting closer (they do feel kind of DIY-esque)

Skinny Jeans - By Therapy (Dark Rinse Skinny)
Boyfriend Shirt - Over a year old by Lee
Plain White Vest/cami - Whistles Essentials range (bought from John Lewis)
Diamond Stud Earrings - Another of my everyday essentials (bought as a gift from hubby years ago, can't remember which jewellers)

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  1. You look super cute! I love the messy bun, too and the Stokke photobombing in the front :) Thanks for linking!

  2. love it! you look fabulous as always...good luck with the move!

  3. I totally agree - boyfriend shirts are the best!! So comfy, but so much more stylish than a sweatshirt or something!

    Your blog is darling - I hope you'll consider joining our Chic Blog Network!

  4. You look beyond cute !!!
    House move sounds fun, you going far? X

  5. You look beyond cute!
    House move sounds exciting! Are you going far? Xx