Friday, 20 April 2012

Push Presents: Yay or Nay?

I recently came across a term I had never heard before.

Push Presents

"A push present (also known as a "push gift" or "baby bauble") is a present a new father gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room". (Wikipedia, 20th April 2012, link).

As with a lot of these terms, it seems the celebrity world has brought them to the forefront with celeb mums such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker getting extravagant gifts.

Now obviously every mummy's first reaction will be that the baby is the biggest present at the end of it all. This was my first reaction, but then I thought about how nice it is to get a gift which will be significant to the birth of your child and one you can keep in the family for years to come.

My second thought was I want this Mulberry bag I have been lusting over for a while!

But then after a bit of twitter discussion I realised it was just an excuse for a lovely present really and a bag doesn't last forever. So if you are going to have a push present do you think it should be something that can be kept forever and is special? Or should it purely be a reward to the mum for all the hard work over the 9 months of pregnancy, the birth and the sleepless nights to come?

Its seems that push presents are mostly an American thing but after tweeting about my discovery it seems a fair few women knew about this term.

Even though I had never heard of this term when I had Belle my husband took our newborn out and bought me some beautiful diamond earrings. The thought of my husband, the new daddy, out with our little new born girl picking them together still makes me smile when I look at them!

I think it is a very personal thing because the daddy plays a big role too these days, obviously minus the physical bit. Certainly my husband did and still does, so perhaps us ladies should get them a little something too?  Obviously it doesn't have to be a super expensive gift, it is the thought that counts as I'm sure most ladies will agree? Maybe even something as simple as a letter, poem or card.

Either way, I think "push presents" (although the term still sounds a bit wrong) are a lovely idea. A little something from your loved one, however big or small, to celebrate your new arrival can never be a bad thing.


  1. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  2. my hbby brought me a pre baby pressie a few weeks before harry was born, he brought me a nintendo ds because he was worried id be lonely in the hospital when id had the baby and needed something to keep me busy (not that a newborn baby wouldnt keep me busy enough) but i think the thought was there and he meant well bless him. i think maybe a nice keepsake would be a good pressie like you say to pass down and hold the memorys of the precious times x

  3. I think that the idea of having something to keep and remind you of the birth of your beautiful baby is a great idea. OH and I had discussed it prior to JW being born and he'd agreed that I could have something along the lines of a piece of jewellery or an ornament once the baby arrived. I don't expect much but JW is almost two and I'm still waiting! It's nice in theory though! x

  4. This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

  5. My bloke got me some gorgeous scented candles and some philosophy products which he gave to me when we got home from the hospital. It was a lovely gesture and the perfect time when you need to be made to feel special x

  6. My mum had always told me about the eternity ring my Dad bought her when I was born. I got all excited wondering what I may get from my husband when our daughter was born. Well, I dint get a ring......or anything! But, I had my baby girl and he promised me that he would do anything to keep us both happy and that was enough for me!

    Still think I should have got a ring though lol!!