Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Moving Day: To the Cottage we go!

First Breakfast in our new house

We have moved into our new home and we are finally only left with a box or two (which for now I have hidden away in the spare room, out of sight out of mind).

I thought it was going to be hard work being 6 months pregnant and moving, especially as I am a bit of a perfectionist and want everything perfect right away.  I would't really advise moving whilst in the second or third trimester unless you have amazing family and friends around to help.  Luckily I did.

On the Friday morning I dropped Belle off at Grams house for the day so that I didn't have to worry about her.  My fab mum (Grams) sent me away with enough food to feed an army, rolls and freshly baked muffins galore.  Even the removal men had some!  This helped a LOT.

The hubby, a couple friends and my dad and brother all took time off to help.  They were SO much help in fact that we were pretty much all moved in with beds and cupboards all constructed by the end of the day.  Grams and Belle arrived in the afternoon and her little face lit up at the new house.  She ran in and pretty much made it her home in an instant.  This is something I was a bit anxious about as she has only ever known our old home.  So then we had the weekend to unpack and it was really very enjoyable.

I will do a proper 'house' post soon as I know a few of you have been asking on twitter for pictures of the house and a couple requests for a Vlog (not sure about that one yet).  Here are a few pics for you for now of our great outdoors.  We are now in the country with only neighbours of the animal variety.  The most amazing thing about this is being able to wander around in your dressing gown outside and having breakfast and coffee in the garden (weather permitting) :)

Hubby & Belle in the morning

Room with a view

Dressing Gown & Wellies...Early morning in the garden

Friends to Play

Feeding the birds

Exploring the bottom of the garden. Belle's favourite place

 A lovely sunny evening. Belle ready for bed in her nightie & welly Boots!

Belle & her uncle, exploring down the lane


  1. Your kitchen and the garden looks amazing!

    May you and family have a happy life in your new home.


  2. Congratulations! From what we can see the house seems stunning! Hope you are settled nicely now x

  3. Congratulations on your new home, I'm having major kitchen envy! I'm in the process of renovating and will be moving house myself soon, I have much admiration for you doing all this whilst pregnant!

  4. seeing this post makes me miss country living, i literally just moved but to the city. Congratulations, hope your new life in the rural life goes well, perfect place for kids :-)