Friday, 31 August 2012

Frivolous Friday: Shabby Chic Dressing Table

I have always loved dressing tables, ever since I was a little girl.  Growing up I had a lovely white wicker one, which I adored!  But I have to say I was over the moon to get this one!  Even Belle loves it, so I think we can see who it will be passed on to :)

Before putting all my trinkets on:

Belle staking her claim

It is so nice to have somewhere to sit down and dry my hair and get ready and it is just perfect for storage of all my makeup and hair bands etc.  I have managed to get my earrings stored on here too but I think a jewellery armoire is going to have to be next on my wish list to go beside the dressing table, to cope with all my bracelets and bangles!  Also with baby number two due any day now (eeek we are full term this weekend, 37 weeks!) it is so nice to have somewhere where I can have a bit of 'me' time.

Here it is after adding all my bits and bobs...

 I just want to get some fairy lights or a string of roses to decorate the top now.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Big Sister to be...No longer a family of 3

With 4 weeks left until baby number 2 is due to join us I am feeling all emotional about our precious little girl, whom you know as Belle.  For more than 3 years she has been our world.

The only baby in our life...

...until now.  

She is all we have known and she has made us smile and laugh until we have cried.  Our love for her is something we could never have imagined, it is a love so strong and unconditional, a love that makes you want to give up everything in this world so long as she is happy.  I am speaking for myself and daddy when I say this.

From 1 year

We could not be more proud of her.  Her love of life, her smile, her manners, her sweet and caring nature, her cheekiness, her spark, her wit.  The way she makes us do a 'family cuddle' each day.

From 2 Years

Belle is so excited about baby arriving.  She is so gentle with 'bump' and snuggles up close to say hello, we can already see what type of sister she is going to be.  She has been looking after her old books for baby so he/she can have them, her idea completely.  We don't question how she is going to be as we simply know she is going to be amazing.  

3 Years

But I feel anxious.  Can 'I' be good enough for my angel and our new angel, having to share this insane all consuming love I have.  Can it be divided?  Or does the heart just grow and the love gets duplicated so nothing has to give?  

I am so excited that we will be a family of four, that we have continued this journey from our family of 3.  That Belle will have a sibling.  Hubby and I sit there at night feeling baby boo kick and turn in my tummy, such a lovely warm feeling, thinking about how it felt like yesterday that was our first born doing the same things.  We would not change a bit of it, it is what we wanted and what we want.  But for these next couple weeks we may just be secretly holding Belle that little bit tighter at bedtime, as this seems like such a big step in her little life.

We will always love you darling, we will always be here for you, continue doing what you do.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Orchard Toys gets it right again...Monster Catcher Giveaway

If you are a frequent reader of Mummy's Shoes you will know I am not one to just review any old product.  So when I do, you know I truly love it or hate it and I feel it is therefore worth telling you about.

Orchard Toys is one of those brands that seem to always get it right.  The games are so much fun that your child will want to play them over and over again, yet they are also educational so as a parent you really don't mind.  I first reviewed some of their games nearly two years ago and since then Belle has built up quite a collection!  Well actually she pretty much owns their entire collection for her age range!

...and oh so proud of them too!

I couldn't tell you the amount of hours myself, hubby, Grams, Papa and her Uncles have accumulated playing these with her!  Orchard Toys games are also a 'go to' gift idea for me when I need something to buy Belle's friends as a birthday present.  They are always appreciated.

Even the dogs want to join in with Orchard Toy Games :)

They have just released a brand new game called Monster Catcher, which Belle was eager to try out and it lived up to all our expectations.

This game is one of Belle's new favourites.  The object is to match and collect as many monsters as you can, but there is a monster catcher waiting to take them from you.  As you go there is also a puzzle to build which adds another interactive element to it.

How it's educational for your child:
    Develops matching and counting skills
    Encourages social interaction
    Develops instruction following and turn taking
Age 3+
Players: 2-4

I wonder who won?!


Orchard Toys are kindly giving away a Monster Catcher game to one of my readers.  It's oh so simple to enter and only takes a second below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:

• This competition will close on Sunday 2nd of September
• The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email
• Competition is open to residents of the UK only

• By entering you are agreeing to have your details passed onto Orchard Toys so they can send you your prize, should you win.
• Prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative is available

Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's in My Hospital Bag

36 weeks on Sunday...not long now!  We are getting so excited now about welcoming our new little bubs into our family and I can't quite believe the time is nearly here!  The kicks are so strong (as are the braxton hicks!) and already I feel a little personality waiting to break free, just as I did with Belle.

I have packed two hospital bags. One for me and one for baby.

Last week I showed you what was in baby's bag and so this post will cover what is in my bag.

My Hospital/Maternity Bag:

✿ Holdall / Large Bag or Small Roller Suitcase
✿ Maternity Notes and Birth Plan
✿ Purse with change for parking + Mobile Phone & Camera

For Labour:
 Labour Nightdress or T-shirt - Not too expensive as you will probably want to throw it away afterwards.
 Slippers and Socks - You can get cold feet in labour but also you may want to keep active and walk around.
✿ Water - Bottle to sip from and a small spray bottle to cool you down
✿ Flannel - Again for cooling down
✿ Hand Held Fan
✿ Hair Bobble/Band/Clips
✿ Tens Machine, Massage Oil and Birthing Ball - A lot of labour wards will have birthing balls but it's worth taking your own if you know you will want one)
✿ An extra T-shirt for hubby

✿ Snacks - For yourself and birthing partner(s).  My mum is in charge of putting a snack bag together for me as she is going to be one of my birthing partners as-well as hubby, I have requested cereal bars and Pick 'n' Mix :)

For after the birth
✿ Nightdresses x 2 (much more comfy than PJs if you have had stitches etc).  I have bought two rose bud print one's from Marks and Spencers which are sleeveless and button-through.  Plus a dressing gown - You may have to stay in for a day or two afterwards. 
✿ Underwear - 2 Packs of Maternity Pants (big and comfortable!) or disposable pants (I have never tried these but I know some people recommend them).
✿ Nursing Bra's x 2
✿ Maternity Pads - 2 packs. With witch hazel or aloe vera are best for healing.

✿ Toiletries/Wash Bag - I bought mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, face 
wipes, tissues and then a couple clear bottles for my favourite more expensive products such as moisturiser. Hair brush, Batiste Dry Shampoo plus a basic make-up bag in case of a longer stay.  Witch Hazel - A few drops in a bath can help with healing.  Labour Massage Oil and Lansinoh Lanolin cream. 

✿ Small Water Jug - Sorry for the 'too much information' BUT you will really want/need this for pouring warm water over your bits when you go to the loo, whether you tear or not you will no doubt be sore.
✿ Tea Bags - I can't be without my PG Tips :)
✿ Pillow & Nursing Pillow - I like to take my own but obviously it's not an essential as they do have them!
✿ Towel(s) - Again not essential but I like to have my own
Rubber flip flops for the shower - Not an essential but I know I feel much better wearing them in the hospital shower!
✿ One Outfit for going home

What NOT to pack:

✿ Do not pack your pre-pregnancy clothes as a going home outfit choice - They will NOT fit and your tummy WILL take a while to go back down.  This can be a bit of a shock for a lot of new mum's but your rounded tummy will not just disappear after baby pops out I'm afraid, so doing up those pre-pregnancy jeans may be a bit of a struggle.

✿ Do not pack anything too special or precious to you, they will either get ruined or lost. 

If I have missed anything please do let me know below and if you want to see what was in Baby's hospital bag you can go here

Friday, 17 August 2012

Preparing for baby: What is in Baby's Hospital Bag

We are on the home stretch...5\6 weeks until we welcome a new little life into this big world.

I decided it was about time I packed the hospital bag, being the organised person I am *cough cough*

I thought I'd share it with you in case there are any first time mummy's out there reading this who aren't too sure what may be needed.

I have packed two bags. One for me and one for baby. This post will cover what is in baby's bag

 Baby's Hospital Bag

The List:
✿ Car Seat - We shall be fitting ours into the car in the next few weeks, one less thing to worry about on the day.
✿ Large carry-all type bag
✿ 1 Pack of nappies (27 pack), nappy bags and a pack of cotton wool (cotton wool and water will be much better for newborns skin than baby wipes)
✿ Muslin Squares x 4 and a few bibs (although not necessary)
✿ Baby Blankets x 2 
✿ 4 sleepsuits/babygrows
✿ 4 vests/bodysuits
Socks, scratch mits and hat
A special going home outfit for baby (I have packed a pink and a blue as we don't know the sex).  You can get some ridiculously flouncy newborn outfits but I prefer just a special looking comfortable 'all in one'.
✿ Little fleece or all in one snowsuit for going home in.
✿ Baby towel
✿ Baby toiletries - Burt's Bees Baby starter set. Although at first you don't really need anything but water for a newborn as their skin is very delicate and it's recommended not to use much. But this set is nice to have even for mummy to use as it comes in miniatures and a little zip case. So very compact!
✿ Bottles and milk - if not breastfeeding.

A few non essentials:

A few of these larger items, like the towel, I have put in with my things in the larger roller suitcase as they didn't fit in the carry all.  Are you expecting a baby soon, have I left out any essentials? Please do comment below.

Next week I will show you what I have in my hospital bag!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Achica Blog Awards: Please vote for Mummy's Shoes

For anyone who hasn't heard of Achica, it is an uber chic website where you can get up to 70% off luxury home and lifestyle brands.  Their childrenswear and nursery range is so adorable.

I have just found out I am a finalist in the Childrenswear and Nursery category of their blog awards.  Obviously I was very excited when I found out as one of the subjects I love to feature on Mummy's Shoes is fashion for toddlers and with a baby on the way (6 weeks and counting people!) the nursery is also hot topic!  It only seems two seconds ago I was showing you Belle's nursery see here (where has 3 years gone?)!

Anyway I would love it if you could spare a second to pop along to the blog awards page here and vote for  It only takes a second to tick that box and I am in the third category down.

Belle trying to vote for Mummy :)

If I win I will be doing a fab blog giveaway for you all as I have just come up to my 3 year blogging anniversary.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read and vote.

Lots of Love x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Something for the weekend: Girls Fashion

I haven't had much time this week to blog so thought I would just share a little thing for the weekend.  

Grams just bought Belle these adorable PJs and I just had to share them with you.

They are from a gorgeous site called Ella James Living which I have only just discovered but shall definitely be buying more from. They came in a gorgeous bag with matching buttons on and a lovely matching hanger. Such lovely attention to detail!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Girls Whimsical Window

Belle's window...One of my favourite rooms in the house.

I just love doing bedtime stories in here with her, when daddy isn't doing them :)  When we moved in I picked this room for her because of the low window overlooking the garden and fields.  It is quite fairytale-esque.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Frivolous Friday: Farmhouse Kitchen Dresser

I have wanted a wooden dresser for a while now to store and display my hoards of teacups!

So I was so happy when I managed to get my hands on this lovely pine dresser.  A lady nearby painted it in Farrow & Ball French Grey.

Before dressing...

After dressing...

My favourite Foley Teacups

Lots more teacups hidden away!

Flowers to compliment...
Scented Stocks

Sweat Peas