Friday, 17 August 2012

Preparing for baby: What is in Baby's Hospital Bag

We are on the home stretch...5\6 weeks until we welcome a new little life into this big world.

I decided it was about time I packed the hospital bag, being the organised person I am *cough cough*

I thought I'd share it with you in case there are any first time mummy's out there reading this who aren't too sure what may be needed.

I have packed two bags. One for me and one for baby. This post will cover what is in baby's bag

 Baby's Hospital Bag

The List:
✿ Car Seat - We shall be fitting ours into the car in the next few weeks, one less thing to worry about on the day.
✿ Large carry-all type bag
✿ 1 Pack of nappies (27 pack), nappy bags and a pack of cotton wool (cotton wool and water will be much better for newborns skin than baby wipes)
✿ Muslin Squares x 4 and a few bibs (although not necessary)
✿ Baby Blankets x 2 
✿ 4 sleepsuits/babygrows
✿ 4 vests/bodysuits
Socks, scratch mits and hat
A special going home outfit for baby (I have packed a pink and a blue as we don't know the sex).  You can get some ridiculously flouncy newborn outfits but I prefer just a special looking comfortable 'all in one'.
✿ Little fleece or all in one snowsuit for going home in.
✿ Baby towel
✿ Baby toiletries - Burt's Bees Baby starter set. Although at first you don't really need anything but water for a newborn as their skin is very delicate and it's recommended not to use much. But this set is nice to have even for mummy to use as it comes in miniatures and a little zip case. So very compact!
✿ Bottles and milk - if not breastfeeding.

A few non essentials:

A few of these larger items, like the towel, I have put in with my things in the larger roller suitcase as they didn't fit in the carry all.  Are you expecting a baby soon, have I left out any essentials? Please do comment below.

Next week I will show you what I have in my hospital bag!


  1. We took a large bag of pic 'n' mix both times. Labour is so much more enjoyable whilst eating sweeties :)

  2. I have included snacks but that features in 'my hospital bag' next week :) But pic 'n' mix is a FAB idea!! I have cereal bars and choc etc but I am defo including pic 'n' mix now :D

  3. great post it was very helpful! thanks! x

    1. Thanks Kerry and glad it was helpful x

  4. Looks a pretty comprehensive bag to me! I've been sorting my bags out too, it's all getting so close all of a sudden.
    I have that Cath Kidston bag (in a slightly different pattern) as my hospital bag. Hubby bought it for me to use last time and it was the perfect size for all my stuff. I used the changing bag for baby stuff last time, and will again this time, especially as I have a swanky new change bag.
    I'll be looking forward to the post on your bag too to see if I've forgotten anything. X