Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's in My Hospital Bag

36 weeks on Sunday...not long now!  We are getting so excited now about welcoming our new little bubs into our family and I can't quite believe the time is nearly here!  The kicks are so strong (as are the braxton hicks!) and already I feel a little personality waiting to break free, just as I did with Belle.

I have packed two hospital bags. One for me and one for baby.

Last week I showed you what was in baby's bag and so this post will cover what is in my bag.

My Hospital/Maternity Bag:

✿ Holdall / Large Bag or Small Roller Suitcase
✿ Maternity Notes and Birth Plan
✿ Purse with change for parking + Mobile Phone & Camera

For Labour:
 Labour Nightdress or T-shirt - Not too expensive as you will probably want to throw it away afterwards.
 Slippers and Socks - You can get cold feet in labour but also you may want to keep active and walk around.
✿ Water - Bottle to sip from and a small spray bottle to cool you down
✿ Flannel - Again for cooling down
✿ Hand Held Fan
✿ Hair Bobble/Band/Clips
✿ Tens Machine, Massage Oil and Birthing Ball - A lot of labour wards will have birthing balls but it's worth taking your own if you know you will want one)
✿ An extra T-shirt for hubby

✿ Snacks - For yourself and birthing partner(s).  My mum is in charge of putting a snack bag together for me as she is going to be one of my birthing partners as-well as hubby, I have requested cereal bars and Pick 'n' Mix :)

For after the birth
✿ Nightdresses x 2 (much more comfy than PJs if you have had stitches etc).  I have bought two rose bud print one's from Marks and Spencers which are sleeveless and button-through.  Plus a dressing gown - You may have to stay in for a day or two afterwards. 
✿ Underwear - 2 Packs of Maternity Pants (big and comfortable!) or disposable pants (I have never tried these but I know some people recommend them).
✿ Nursing Bra's x 2
✿ Maternity Pads - 2 packs. With witch hazel or aloe vera are best for healing.

✿ Toiletries/Wash Bag - I bought mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, face 
wipes, tissues and then a couple clear bottles for my favourite more expensive products such as moisturiser. Hair brush, Batiste Dry Shampoo plus a basic make-up bag in case of a longer stay.  Witch Hazel - A few drops in a bath can help with healing.  Labour Massage Oil and Lansinoh Lanolin cream. 

✿ Small Water Jug - Sorry for the 'too much information' BUT you will really want/need this for pouring warm water over your bits when you go to the loo, whether you tear or not you will no doubt be sore.
✿ Tea Bags - I can't be without my PG Tips :)
✿ Pillow & Nursing Pillow - I like to take my own but obviously it's not an essential as they do have them!
✿ Towel(s) - Again not essential but I like to have my own
Rubber flip flops for the shower - Not an essential but I know I feel much better wearing them in the hospital shower!
✿ One Outfit for going home

What NOT to pack:

✿ Do not pack your pre-pregnancy clothes as a going home outfit choice - They will NOT fit and your tummy WILL take a while to go back down.  This can be a bit of a shock for a lot of new mum's but your rounded tummy will not just disappear after baby pops out I'm afraid, so doing up those pre-pregnancy jeans may be a bit of a struggle.

✿ Do not pack anything too special or precious to you, they will either get ruined or lost. 

If I have missed anything please do let me know below and if you want to see what was in Baby's hospital bag you can go here

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