Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Pregnancy Menu: What I ate Wednesday

My diet in the 3rd Trimester has pretty much stayed the same and I have wanted the same breakfasts and lunches daily! I won't be doing this every Wednesday, as I know a lot of mummy bump bloggers do, but here is an example of what I would eat on an average day.


Nearly every morning I have been having porridge (oats made with water and a dash of almond milk). Topped with fruit.  
Here I had it with apple (I have had a real thing for green apples in this pregnancy!)

Here again is another favourite.  
Again porridge (made with oats, water and almond milk) and topped with bluberries, banana and cinnamon.
On the days I don't have this I will have boiled or scrambled egg.
Plus I will have a large glass of water and a cup of tea most mornings (I have not completely taken caffeine out of my diet!)

Snack (around 10am)
I have been loving Onken Cherry Biopot Yogurt and as you can see so has Belle

If we don't have this we will have some fruit in some natural yogurt or if we are out and about we may have something a bit more naughty, such as cake, or ice lollies (when the weather is nice).


I have been having this for weeks and I just don't get bored of it!
Wholemeal Bread or pitta with Olive Oil and Zatar
Plus some green and black olives with feta (again olives has been another major craving of mine in this pregnancy)

Afternoon Snack

From 34 weeks I have been having a cup or two of Raspberry Leaf Tea everyday.  I sometimes add a tiny bit of honey.

Obviously this changes daily as I'm pretty sure Belle and Hubby would get bored of the same thing!
Here we had Salmon (with olive oil, lemon and parsley wrapped in foil and baked in the oven).
With new potatoes, baby spinach, tomatoes and olives (drizzled with lemon juice)

Evening Snack (sometimes but not always)

In the evenings I will sometimes have a glass of warm almond milk or a cup of coffee with a biscuit.  Some days I won't have any snacks in the evening as my tummy just feels too full now after dinner as baby is taking up so much room!
I will always take a bottle of water up to bed with me, which will be completely gone by the morning.

Oh and of course my Iron tablets I take daily, which I have been very forgetful with up until now!


  1. it seems really healthy! my portions have got massive because im constantly starving!! haha! x

    1. I must admit (after getting over the dreaded 1st trimester morning sickness) I was eating for England! But this last trimester baby has grown SO much and I just can't seem to manage much, so it's little and often for me now :) x