Friday, 14 September 2012

While we were waiting...

We 'officially' have 9 days until your due date little one, but anytime now would be great.  You see, you are quite big already apparently, just like your sister was, half-reared your great nanny would have called you.  Our hospital bags are packed, yours and mine.  Everyone is ready to give you lots of cuddles!

Your home is ready and waiting to welcome you...

Fresh little white socks and sleepsuits await you

Your adorable Lollipop Lane Moses Basket from Grams and Papa stands in the lounge ready for daytime sleeps...

...and your handmade willow crib will be by our bed upstairs (although it does look nice in the kitchen) ready for night time sleeps.  
Your big sister has requested it be by her bed though :) She is very excited to meet you!

Your nursery is all kitted out.  Your beautiful Oak Sleigh Cot from Uncle Chris is ready to welcome your tired little head in a few months, or whenever you have outgrown your crib.

Your Maxi-Cosi Car Seat is ready to bring you home from the hospital

Daddy has just put together your lovely bright Fisher-Price Bouncer ready for you to have a bounce in.

Your new Stokke Xplory pushchair is ready to take you on lots of trips

and of course we couldn't miss out Sophie the Giraffe.  Ready to be chewed!

But most importantly we just want you here safe and sound and healthy.  So come when you are ready little one, you know when the time is right, we are ready for you and love you so much already!


  1. Not long to go! Sophie is a must, we took it everywhere for months and months. Now she plays with her in the bath. Good luck, I hope everything goes really well.

  2. Aaaww! A lovely post, not long now sweetie pie! Cant wait to meet little one and to see Belles face with her little brother or sister!

  3. I recently found your blog through another. For the life of me, I can't remember who or where you hailed from but find your blog delightful! I wish you happy days awaiting your little one . . . I am happy to meet you as you enter these final days in your birthing journey .

  4. Awww, you have a few days to go! I have four weeks to go and I'm getting more and more anxious by the minute. I hope your little one arrives in your arms all safe and sound.

  5. Aaawww...I love the photo with the cute little baby socks!! I have started to wash and look through some of the clothes for our little baby (third boy!), but he is not due until beginning of Feb! Good Luck and take care!