Friday, 26 October 2012

Frivolous Friday: Buys of the week

I have done Frivolous Friday a few times now so have decided to try and make it a weekly thing.

Please join in if you want! Just post a pic of your favourite buy(s) of the week and add your link

It could be something as simple as finding a new drink, fashion, beauty, baby products or a more extravagant item such as furniture.

Please do join in and do a post on your blog if you have bought or received anything great this week.  I'd love to see.  Then link up at the bottom if you want.  Otherwise just feel free to have a nose.

Gap Baby have some gorgeous things and I couldn't resist the cable knit babygrow for Boo.  I will do a separate Autumn wardrobe post for kids next week, for those interested, as we have bought and received SO many lovely clothes for Boo and Belle this week.

And of course I couldn't leave out our little Belle.  So from Gap Kids I also went with the cable knit theme...with a cowl neck jumper dresscable knit jumper sweater dress and this gorgeous fur hooded cable knit chunky cardigan.
Wearing the Gap selection

My husband brought this home on Wednesday and I was over the moon (small things hay!).  I adore PG and because I am breastfeeding I have had to limit my caffeine intake...DECAF PG Tips! I am now a very happy lady indeed!

These were my bargain teacups that I just couldn't resist from Matalan at £2.99 each!!  You all know how much I LOVE teacups!

Belle insisted on 'yellow' wellies for preschool so we went with these cute yellow hunter kids welly boots.

Sophie the Giraffe.  We had one when Belle was a baby and it went everywhere with her!  We are hoping Boo will like his too.

A few Halloween accessories for Belle and Boo. They also have outfits but I haven't got around to taking a pic.
Finally I bought one more tutu, in Vanilla, to add to Belle's growing collection as she had a friends birthday party to attend

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Your world in 4 weeks

Baby boo you are 4 weeks old tomorrow and it feels like you have always been a part of our family.  We love you so much, words just can not explain.

You have had a busy 4 weeks, here is a snapshot:

You have spent a fair bit of time in a milk coma as we like to call it!  This is a common scene every morning.  We are co sleeping at the moment and we all love it, but we will be transferring you to your crib very soon.

I took you to get you weighed a few days ago and you were 9lb 10oz.  I was so proud and the HV was very impressed!  You didn't cry once, even when you were placed in the nudey on those cold scales.

You are 'official' now as we took you to get registered.  The registrar was lovely and adored the name we chose for you.  We hope you love it too, it really suits you.

You attended your big sisters Forest School for Harvest Festival.  She was so proud, showing you off to her teachers and friends.  We dressed you in your bear pram suit which everyone seemed to adore!  Despite all the singing and clapping and windy weather you slept the whole morning.  We then went to meet Grams and Papa for lunch, where they enjoyed lots of cuddles!

You attended your first party.  One of Belle's friends was having an enchanted fairy and princess party.  We gave her the choice of having you there or you staying with Grams and Papa but she wanted you there :)  Her friends all enjoyed taking it in turns rocking your carseat.  Again, you slept, pretty much the whole time.

Your first bath time was a bit of a love hate relationship.  You liked it at first.  Then cried a bit.  Then enjoyed water being poured over your head and then decided you didn't like it again.

You and your big sister on mummy and daddy's bed.  This was taken on a lazy weekend.  It was so nice daddy taking a few weeks off work so we could all just relax and enjoy being a family of 4.  I find it so hard to put into words how amazing Belle has been and how much she loves you.  She will put nappies out for you and will jump to your side at the slightest moan or cry.  She always wants to stroke your head and give you kisses.  It is so sweet.  When the little whirlwind comes home from preschool, upon hearing her voice your head darts around looking for her.  I am sure she will get the privilege of your first smile!

Trying to suss out Ewan the Sheep.

Baby Boo you are such a content little boy, at just 4 weeks old.  You are so alert and have been since day one, you open your eyes so wide, taking in all the surroundings.  You remind me of your sister so much, yet you are also so different in so many ways.  

Now in the risk of glorifying motherhood too much (all you mum's out there know those first few months aren't easy but we also wouldn't change them) I must also say you are a little wind bag...

Burping baby boo...a must!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Welcome Baby Boo! Was baby pink or blue?

On Friday the 21st of September we gave birth to a beautiful...

We are all over the moon, especially Belle, who can't stop telling everyone she is now a big sister.

It feels like he's always been here, he's fitted in so perfectly and we feel truly blessed.

Our darling Sami all fresh and new...

We had the most amazing birth and I shall share my birth story with you all very soon.

For now we are just enjoying being a family of four.

A very very new Sami :)

Such a proud big sister.  
Her first sentences were 'Is he real?' and 'Can we keep him?'

My two babies!

First trip out

First time out of a sleepsuit/babygrow

How I have been spending my days :)

Thank you so much for all the well wishes on Twitter.  We were quite blown away by them all when we announced Sami's birth.  You are all fab!